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Amazing Race November 29

And they are off…

Meghan and Cheyne are the first to depart at 9:46pm.  Make your way to the Spanish Synagogue across town.

At the Synagogue

Make your way to the Ekotechnicke Museum 4 miles outside of town.  This is also the location of the speed bump for Brian and Ericka.


To complete the road block one team member has to go to an empty warehouse filled with dozens of desks and phones and search for one of 5 phones with someone on the other end.  The person on the phone will give them one letter in the word “Franz” and once they figure out his name (Franz Kafka) they will get their next clue.

Meghan does it for their team.  All the phones are ringing and that would drive me crazy after awhile.  On top of all the mayhem they can’t write down the letters so they just have to remember them.  Meghan keeps repeating the letters and tries to come up with an animal for each letter.  Once she gets the letters she has to go to the supervisor’s desk and get a form filled with a bunch of questions to answer and then fill out the letters.  She seems to get “Franz” pretty quickly. 

Make your way to Kryocentrum for their next clue.  They head out just as Sam and Dan arrive.  They try to take Sam and Dan’s cab but the guys tell the driver no.  So Meghan asks the driver to call another cab.  That would have been so karma if they had their taxi stolen.

The globe trotters show up as Sam or Dan gets his fifth letter. I think it’s Sam (I must really not like the guys to not have figured out which one is which by this point), is trying to guess the word.  He’s still guessing by time Big Easy gets his letters and starts work on the form.  They decide to work together to figure out the word.  Sam figures it out but then he won’t tell Big Easy what the word is.  He will only tell him it starts with an “f”.  What a jerk!  Poor Big Easy but he keeps up a good attitude saying it is what it is.  Come on Big Easy!  You have to make it to the final 3!  He is still guessing when Brian comes out with all his letters.  He tells Brian he has been there for about 2 1/2 hours.  Poor Big Easy.  Brian figures it out.  They decide to take a 4 hour penalty for not finishing the road block.  If he’s been there 2 1/2 hours too bad they didn’t do it earlier.  Man!  I hope they don’t get eliminated for this.  I think they are screwed since none of the tasks seem like they would trip up a team for 4 hours.  At least Flight Time is totally supportive.


Teams have to strip down to their underwear and enter a kryo-therapy room.  It’s kept at 180 degrees below zero celcius and withstand it for 2 minutes to get their next clue.  This is insane!  I can’t believe athletes do this for training.  I hope they have foot and hand warmers after this.

Teams now have to make their way to Charles Bridge for their next clue.

Speed Bump

They need to find a club M1 and make a 3 stepped process to produce a traditional shot of absinthe.  When they drink the shot they get to continue on.  They get to the bar with half naked ladies dancing on the bar and a party is going on.  Turns out Brian doesn’t drink at all so he says this is going to be a challenge for him.  They say the drink is awful and is super strong but they finish it.

Detour-Legend or Lager

Legend-Teams need to build a golum a figure built of straw and clay.  They have to cover a wooden skeleton with wet clay and then transport the golum across town to the old new synagogue the golem’s traditional home.

Lager-teams have to deliver beer to a crowd of rowdy soccer fans.  They have to carry a total of 30 beers from a brewery through town to a bar.  Once they deliver their beers they get their next clue.

Meghan and Cheyne choose Legend.  These golum things are huge.  Cheyne says he felt the golum was at least 250-300 lbs once it was mudded up.

Sam and Dan do legend.  They drop their golum and crack the arm.  I really dislike Sam and Dan.  Even doing the mud task they can’t stop arguing.  They start transporting but the arm looks like it’s about to fall off.  Ah, so it’s Dan I dislike more out of the two.  Dan is whining about how he can’t do this and Sam is telling him to tough it out.  I hope their golum falls apart.  Seriously.  Ugh, I can’t believe they got the ok with the broken golum.  At least Dan admits he was being a big baby during the detour.

Meghan and Cheyne are totally struggling trying to transport the golum.  Cheyne is in pain and moaning and groaning.  Meghan is trying to talk him through it.  They finally get the rabbis and get their next clue.

Brian and Ericka decide to do lager.  On their first delivery Brian takes 8 drinks and Ericka takes 7.  They pick up what seem to be a couple of drunks following them.  They both end up dropping some of their glasses and Ericka wants to change tasks.  Brian convinces her to stick it out.  They have drunks trying to grab the beers from them.  Ericka ends up carrying 2 and Brian carrying 5.  LOL. Ericka starts yelling at some people trying to grab their drinks and someone makes a comment about her American attitude.  They get up to 19 drinks.  The sun is up by time they finish the task and the poor guy receiving the beer looks passed out.  Wonder if he’s been drinking the beers.

Pit Stop

Teams now need to go to Strelecky Ostrov, the pit stop for this leg of the race.  Dang it!  The globe trotters are probably going home 😦  I think this is the first time I’ve seen a female taxi driver and an attractive one of that drives Meghan and Cheyne to the pit stop.

Meghan and Cheyne are team #1.  They win a 52 inch LCD tv.

Sam and Dan are team #2 dang it.  Brian and Ericka are team #3.  Sigh, I’m ok with them making it through but so sad about the globe trotters.  Guess they are definitely out since they don’t even have to do the detour.  Sad.  If Sam and Dan win I will be so bummed out.  I’m totally rooting for Meghan and Cheyne now.


Supernatural Season 3 Disc 1-2

Disc 1 contains episodes: The Magnificient Seven, The Kids Are Alright, Bad Day at Black Rock

The Magnificient Seven

This episode picks up after the end of season 2 where Dean and Sam released a bunch of demons from Hell.  Turns out a few of the demons were the seven deadly sins that possessed humans.  While hunting Dean, Sam and Bobby meets up with a married hunter couple.   They manage to defeat the demons but this is just the beginning of the war.  Bobby is worried that these demons they released are a lot more powerful than anything else they have ever faced before.  One twist is a woman starts following Sam around and in the end saves his butt.  We never find out who she is though.

I really enjoyed this episode.  There were its funny moments as Dean is sure trying to live life to the fullest in his last year of life.

The Kids Are Alright

Dean wants to return to a town where he had a fling with a woman 8 or 9 years ago.  It turns out she has a 8 year old son that Dean suspects are his.   While there they find out that te children in town are slowly being replaced with changelings that feed on their moms and are killing anyone that gets in their way.  Fortunately the children are still alive and being held by the mother changeling.  Sam and Dean manage to rescue the children and Dean finds out that te boy is not his son.  The episode ends with the mystery woman from last episode showing up and telling Sam to check out what happened to his mom’s friends.  It turns out they are all dead.  He contacts the girl and she reveals that she is a demon but she wants to help find out what is up with him and that she might be able to help save Dean.

This episode really hit me hard and freaked me out because of the kids.  I have a daughter of my own and can’t imagine what I would do in this case.  The changeling kids have reflections that reflect their true selves and the moms see these reflections and are starting to go mad.  One mother even tries to kill her daughter.  That would kill me.  I cannot wait to find out what happens with this mystery girl/demon.

Bad Day at Black Rock

The hunter that tried to kill Sam, Gordon, is still in jail but he has a hunter buddy who comes to tell him about the demons being let out of hell.  Gordon tells the hunter that Sam needs to die.  That hunter gathers a buddy to go after Sam.  I love the line this hunter gives when the other is looking at a Jesus statue-Don’t play with my Jesus.  Don’t know why but that cracked me up. Anyway, while they are trying to find Sam Dean and Sam find out someone broke into their dad’s storage unit of protected items and steals a lucky rabbit’s foot.  Turns out the foot is cursed so when the holder loses the foot they end up dying.  Sam touches the foot and then has the foot stolen from him.  So they need to figure out a way to break the curse and get the foot back.

This episode cracked me up.  I love when Sam had his bad luck and lost his shoe.  The pathetic look on his face was priceless.  Then when Dean has the rabbit’s foot and uses his luck to save Sam was hilarious.  This hunter friend of Gordon though is a nut case.  Apparently he thinks he is on a mission from God to kill Sam.

Disc 2 contains: Sin City, Bed Time Stories, Red Sky at Morning and Fresh Blood.

Sin City

A town went from a normal town to basically a sin city.  Dean meets up with an old friend who ends up getting killed by a demon.  When Dean goes after the demon he traps her in one of those protective circles but she causes a cave in that traps both of them.  While waiting to see if Sam makes it to them first or if another demon rescues the girl they start talking.  He finds out that the demons they let out are in chaos since they killed the Yellow Eyes demon and Sam is taking over as the demon leader.  Sam and Bobby together with the help of the demon girl that seems to be protecting Sam rescue Dean.

So I’m wondering if this girl is helping Sam and Dean to hunt down the other demons so that she can take over leading the demon hordes?  I really do hope they figure out some way to save Dean.  I love him and by far he is my favorite brother.

Bed Time Stories

Sam and Dean are investigating a number of murders that seem to be from fairy tales.  They find out that a young girl who was poisoned by her step-mother is in a coma is acting out the fairy tales her father is reading to her.  She is angry that no one is listening to her about what happened.  Sam finally convinces her dad that he needs to listen to what she is trying to say.  Once he acknowledges what happened the girl’s spirit moves on and the killings stop.

The episode finally ends with Sam calling the crossroads demon and threatens to kill her unless she releases Dean.  This demon finally drops a name of the demon helping Sam.  Apparently her name is Ruby.  The cross road demon lets Sam know that even if he kills her, her boss owns the contract Dean made so the deal is still valid.  Shockingly Sam ends up killing the demon.

This was not one of my favorites but it was still an interesting episode.   The ending was a total surprise to me when Sam shoots the crossroad demon.  Is his darker side taking over?

Red Sky at Morning

The brothers are investigating a series of deaths by drowning on land.  Turns out each victim saw a ghost ship before their deaths.  While investigating they run across the same woman who tried to steal the lucky rabbit’s foot a couple episodes back(I think her name is Bella) and end up working together.  They find out they need the hand of a sailor who died long ago to stop the spirit.  They steal the hand but then Bella steals it from them and sells it.  After she gets the money she sees the ship and goes running to the brothers for help.  The brothers have found out that the spirit goes after people who have killed another family member but Bella refuses to tell her story.  Not sure how they do it but somehow they come up with a ritual to save Bella without the hand.  I guess they summoned the ghost’s brother and that takes care of the ghost.

This episode didn’t really grab me although I was distracted doing work.  I like Bella but the story itself wasn’t that great.

Fresh Blood

This episode opens up with the crazy hunter, Gordon, approaching Bella to find out where the brothers are.  They make a deal for their current location.  In the mean time the brothers have captured a girl who didn’t know she was turned into a vampire.  Turns out this guy vampire’s nest was wiped out by hunters so he’s feeding blood to girls telling them it’s a drug.  While Sam and Dean try to rescue another victim, Gordon and his hunter buddy show up.  Everyone scatters and Sam and Dean manage to get away but Gordon gets captured by the vampire.  As revenge for all the vampires he killed the vampire changes Gordon into one.  Gordon kills his hunting partner after he refuses to let Gordon go after Sam using his vampire powers.  In the showdown Sam ends up literally popping Gordon’s head off using some barbed wire.

I am really starting to like this Bella and I am sooo glad Gordon is gone.  He was a total whack job.  Can’t wait to get the next disc in!

Amazing Race November 22

Meghan and Cheyne are the first to depart at 12:00am.  They have to fly to Prague and have to find a Vintage Praga in a particular square.  They need to figure out Praga is a car.  OMG, either Sam or Dan thinks Prague is a country!  The first flight out is at 5:20am.  So everyone will catch up at the airport again.  While at the airport Meghan and Cheyne go on the internet and find out a praga is a car.  The globe trotters also figure it out.

All the teams land in Prague.  All the teams other than Brian and Ericka are taking taxis.  Brian and Ericka choose to take the subway.  Brian said someone on the flight told them it was the faster way to get to the old town square.  Meghan and Cheyne get to the square first.  Followed by Sam and Dan.   Sam and Dan had no clue what a praga was but they followed Meghan and Cheyne to the praga car.

Teams now to need to make their way to an outdoor adventure center to search for their next clue.  The globe trotters got a really slow driver but they finally get to the praga.  Brian and Ericka are stuck in traffic.  Okay, Ericka needs to chill.  Brian was just saying they made a bad choice but he’s NOT blaming Ericka or the people who told them the information and she cuts him off saying he went along with the information too and not to blame her.  Duh!  Hello, he was just saying he didn’t blame you and sounded like he was just saying it was bad luck.


Fast and furious or slow and steady?

Fast and furious-teams need to go down a man made white water rafting course.  They have to grab a clue at the end.  If they tip over before getting their clue they will have to start again.

Slow and steady-teams have to pull themselves along a grueling ropes course.  At the end they get their next clue.  Sam and Dan do the rafts.  Meghan and Cheyne do the ropes course.  I would definitely do the ropes course.  The globe trotters new driver makes up some time and they arrive at the adventure park.  They choose the ropes course.

Sam and Dan head out the same time as Meghan and Cheyne.  Immediately Sam and Dan start to argue.  Man, the ropes course looks hard too.  You are pulling your weight along just using your arms.  In the mean time Ericka and Brian are wandering around looking for the praga.  They finally find the car and head to the adventure park.  Sam and Dan are still arguing and then tip over.  They are getting swept down and then have to restart.  Both Meghan and Big Easy are commenting on how the ropes course is harder than it looked.  Big Easy is so tall his legs fall into the water.  Flight Time is doing awesome on the ropes course though!  He is like a natural.

Sam and Dan…still arguing and tip over again.   Flight Time over took Meghan and Cheyne but Big Easy is still struggling.  Meghan says it’s nice to see Big Easy actually struggle for once.  Flight Time finishes first, then Meghan and Cheyne.    Going back down Flight Easy goes first and takes his time to slow Meghan and Cheyne up.  Dan and Sam are STILL arguing and paddling.  Big Easy is still working is still on the ropes course when Meghan and Cheyne climb down.   

Meghan and Cheyne have their clue and must need to figure out the words on the clue refer to the Estates Theater.  They need to search there for their next clue.  Big Easy finally finishes while Sam and Dan are still kayaking and Sam and Dan tip over again.  They decide to switch detours.   Brian and Ericka show up just as Sam and Dan switch detours.  Meghan and Cheyne and Big Easy and Flight Time go off together to look for the next location.

Cheyne runs off while Meghan is getting directions.  He wants to take a taxi where as Big Easy and Flight Time wait for a train.  Meghan gets on Cheyne’s case about being rude to everyone.  Cheyne is saying it’s a game.  Meghan is saying it was rude to leave the globe trotters behind after agreeing to work with them.

While Ericka is trying to finish up Sam and Dan are trying to steal Brian and Ericka’s taxi.  Ericka get moving instead of yelling at the guys.  The guys manage to steal the taxi.  One of the guys wasn’t cool with the stealing of the taxi (can’t remember which is which). 

Road Block

Who can remain composed under pressure?  Teams have to  search among the 600 seats and find a small mandolin.  When they find one they have to bring it to Don Giovanni on stage to get their next clue.  Cheyne is doing it.  Cheyne finds a full size mandolin and takes it to the singer.  He laughs at him and tells Cheyne no.  Big Easy does the road block for the globe trotters.  Cheyne starts gathering up a bunch of other instruments even though they are not tiny.

Sam does the roadblock.  While waiting Flight Time starts to dance on the stage to the singing.  I love the singer when he laughs at the teams when they bring the wrong instruments.  Cheyne finds his mandolin first. 

Teams need to travel by taxi across town to Prague Castle, the pit stop for this leg of the race.  Oh come on globe trotters!  Find your mandolin!  Rats!  Sam and Dan find their mandolin first.  He found it on the same row Big Easy was working his way through.  As Sam and Dan are leaving Brian and Ericka walk in.  I hope karma bites the brothers in the butt and they can’t get a taxi.  Big Easy finds another mandolin case but doesn’t open it.  Ah and there is a mandolin!  Yay!

Ericka does the roadblock but I don’t think she has the patience for this task.  She’s going to get frustrated.  They don’t show much of her until she finds the mandolin.

Pit Stop

Meghan and Cheyne are team #1!  They win a trip for two to Lanai, Hawaii.

Sam and Dan are still looking for a taxi as teh globe trotters come out.   Looks like they get a taxi at the same time.  At the castle Sam and Dan are team #2.  Flight Time and Big Easy are team #3.  Brian and Ericka are team #4 but it turns out to be a non-elimination leg of the race.  So they are still in it.  They will have the speed bump in the next leg of the race.




Ok, so what are you predictions for the winners of the race?   I honestly think it will come down to Meghan and Cheyne and the globe trotters.  I think Ericka is going to slow that team down and I don’t know if Sam and Dan have the team work down to make it.  Guess we will find out.  Go globe trotters!

Star Trek Movie 2009

The first stop in my Star Trek project was watching the latest Star Trek movie again.  I enjoyed just as much as the first time I watched it.  I was surprised how much I enjoyed it since the classic series was not one of my favorites.  The main thing that did bug me was the relationship between Uhura and Spock.  That was just wrong.  I know this is now an alternate timeline but still I hate them with messing with the characters like that.  Still I have to say it was clever of the writers to create this alternate timeline so now any future movies do not have to stick with what happened in the original series.

During the closing credits I was surprised that Winona Ryder was in the movie.  I did not recognize her and had to look up online who she played.  A couple of my other favorite stars who were already known prior to this movie was John Cho (Sulu) and Eric Bana (Nero).   I thought the guy who played Captain Pike did a great job.

I certainly hope this movie made enough money that they will make another one.  I was impressed with Chris Pine as Kirk.

Sanctuary November 20 Spoilers

Episode: Veritas

When I first started watching this episode I swear I was getting ready to swear off Sanctuary.  First they kill off Ashley which ticked me off to no end and tried to replace her with Kate Freelander.  Then they start off this episode by killing off the big guy.  Come on!  I don’t care for Kate and I don’t care for the British guy (can’t even recall his name).

Anyway, the evidence points to Magnus as the killer of Big Guy so she is put under house arrest and a psychic triad is called in to interrogate her.  They find evidence that Magnus has slowly been mentally deteriorating and this is why she killed Big Guy.  Will believes she is innocent and tries to clear her.  First he thinks it’s a conspiracy between the British guy who wants to take over as head of the sanctuary if Magnus is found guilty.  In the end we find out that Big Guy is still alive and Magnus put a special beetle in her to simulate the symptoms of madness all to trap the triad.  Turns out they were trying to steal an abnormal who was much more dangerous than any other abnormals they currently have.

I’m not clear on how Will works it all out and opens up Big Guy’s crypt to find his body gone.  I might have missed it since I was also doing something else.

I’m still bitter about Ashley but since the Big Guy is still alive I will keep watching.  I would like to see Ashley’s dad and the vampire back.  The episodes were much more fun with them.  So far I am disappointed with this season after starting off with 2 great episodes.

Catching up on Glee

I’ve fallen behind on Glee so not sure when this episode aired but I’m loving seeing the Glee members having to spend 3 hours a day in wheel chairs to see how Artie feels.  If anyone ever tried that I would give them props.  I can’t imagine wheeling yourself around can be easy if you are not used to it and built up the muscles for it.

Quinn is pissing me off with her attitude and Puck is totally growing on me.   His methods to try and support Quinn were a little misguided but that just maded it that much cuter.  I love how he wants to support his own child.

I was also impressed with how supportive Kurt’s dad was when Kurt wanted to sing the lead in a song that is traditionally sang by a female.  He actually goes in to talk to the principal that it’s not fair to not give Kurt a chance.  So Will lets Kurt and Emma audition for the role.

I know Emma is supposed to be so difficult she’s funny but she just irritates me with her self-centeredness.  At auditions I was surprised how good Kurt sounded!  I’m bummed that he threw the audition but it was sweet to see the support between both he and his dad.

I swear my jaw dropped when I saw Sue with her sister who was handicapped.  She was actually human and sweet!

I think this is the most recent episode..

Short story. Puck tells Mercedes he’s the father of Quinn’s baby and she tells him to back off. Finn’s mom finds out Quinn’s pregnant. Finn feels the need to tell Quinn’s parents so they kick her out and she goes to live with Finn.  Emma has a crush on Will.  Kurt has a crush on Finn.

I felt sorry for Puck.  I honestly would like to see him with Quinn.  Still not liking Emma.  Can’t believe Finn told Quinn’s parents and that they were so cruel to toss her out.  I still think Finn is a doofus and not the one I would pick as to spend my life with.

Survivor November 19



Back at camp after tribal the mood is pretty somber.  Laura and Monica are pissed.  Laura is going on about how sneaky Russell is and they should have known he had an idol.    Shambo and Russell are having a good laugh about what happened.  Shambo jokes she needs to find the immunity idol and give it to Russell again.


The next morning Russell is up and searching for the idol again.  You gotta wonder if the producers are deliberately putting the immunity idol in obvious places to keep Russell in the game and stirring up trouble.  Shambo approaches John with the idea of breaking from Galu and joining Foa Foa.  He’s not really going for it and on the side says he will do what is best for him.


Reward Challenge


They will divide into 2 teams of 5.  One member will lie face down in a cradle.  The other 4 members will pull on ropes to maneuver that member to pick up flags in a numbered order and put them in holes.  The winning team gets to go away and get a picnic.  They also take a palm pre to take some pictures.  Russell also figures there will be a clue to the location of the immunity idol.  Team Yellow-Shambo, Jaison, John, Mick and Monica.  Team Purple-Natalie, Dave, Brett, Laura and Russell.  Natalie gets the first flag in the hold for purple.  John gets their first flag but the purple team is doing well and seem to have a rhythm going.  Purple is on 7 and Yellow is on 5.  Purple is on 10 and Yellow on 8.  Purple on 14 and Yellow on 9.  Purple wins reward!


At the reward they are chowing down.  At camp Jaison and Mick are trying to sway Monica to Foa Foa’s side.  Monica thinks Galu has 6 to 4 but they are saying no it’s 5 to 5.  Monica figures Shambo is the one who jumped ship.  I honestly don’t think they can trust Monica.  She is Laura’s little minion.


Looking thorugh the pictures on the Palm Pre Russell notices there is a clue on it for the hidden immunity idol.  There is also a video showing that it is under a rock covered in moss.  Now you know there will be a mad dash to find the idol.  They return to camp and Russell tells Mick about the clue.  Foa Foa immediately head out so Galu heads out as well.  It’s a race to see who can find the immunity idol first.  Dave attaches himself to Russell and Laura attaches herself to Jaison.


Russell thinks he knows where it’s at but Dave is flipping over rocks near the spot so he starts playing with Dave by going running but Dave can’t keep up and loses Russell.  Russell goes back to where he thinks the idol is and finds it again!  He even comments this is getting way too easy.  I seriously think the producers are helping out Russell now.  I wonder if it’s ok for someone to steal the idol if someone has found it?


Monica is telling Laura about how she thinks two people on their tribe might have flipped.  Laura knows they will be gunning for her and she needs to win the immunity challenge.


Immunity Challenge


First part. They have 3 tiles of the same color arranged together.  They have to try and break as many tiles as they can with some rocks.  For each tile they break they get a spear in the second part.  They will shoot the spears at a target.  Person closest to the bullseye wins immunity.    Huh, they only get one throw.


Shambo misses, Russell misses, Jaison gets 1, John misses, Monica misses, Dave knocks out Monica’s tile so she gets a spear, Natalie misses, Mick gets 1, Brett breaks two tiles with one toss and Laura is last and misses.  She is out of the immunity challenge.  Shambo laughs out loud and celebrates.  Guess she’s giving up on lying low and hiding her alliance with Foa Foa.


With the spears it comes down to Brett and Mick.  Brett shoots his last arrow and doesn’t beat Mick.  Mick wins immunity! 


Shambo says today is the day for Laura to go home.  Back at camp Shambo tells Brett straight up she is voting Laura out.  Not sure what she was trying to swing.  Laura and Dave go to talk to John and say to vote out Russell and if he plays the idol at least it flushes it out.  John says no, they should vote out Natalie because she is least likely to have the immunity idol.  John in a side interview is saying what idiots Dave and Laura are in their deductive skills.  Monica, Dave and Brett come up with some sort of plan for Monica to say she’s going to vote for John to Foa Foa.  In reality she will vote for Natalie so Natalie goes home.  Monica approaches Russell.  He’s pushing for John and Russell is pushing for Laura but Monica says no.  She also approaches Mick.  Mick doesn’t know if they should trust her or not.


Russell tells Jaison they should go to John and tell him that Monica is going to vote for him and try to pull him over.  Brett tells John the plan and John is a little pissed. Mmmmm, they are eating coconut.  I want some coconut.  John is telling Dave and Brett he’s not risking his place in the game trusting that Shambo will vote Laura and not John.  Russell approaches John and tells him that they are voting for Laura and go for the tie.  Apparently the rule is if there is a tie they vote again, if there is a tie again then they choose rocks to see who goes home.  So then it comes down to luck or to see if someone on Galu will switch.


Tribal Council


Jeff asks Shambo if she feels Galu is still tight.  Shambo says no, not since the day they voted out Eric.  Laura says Galu is tight if you don’t consider Shambo a Galu member.  Jeff asks Dave if he is ok with going to a tie and he says if he had to go to the stones then he would.


The Votes


Jeff asks if anyone wants to play the hidden immunity idol.  No one makes a move.  First vote-Laura, Natalie, Laura, Natalie, Laura, Natalie, Laura, Natalie, Laura and the last vote…Natalie!  I can’t believe they let it go to a tie.  So now Laura and Natalie cannot vote.  Everyone else has to vote again for either Laura or Natalie.  Laura’s not looking so happy now that it’s her who may have to pull rocks. 


The votes again…Laura, Natalie, Laura, Natalie, Laura, Natalie, Laura and the last vote…Laura!  Laura has been voted out.  Galu is looking shocked and Natalie is giddy.  I love the look on Daves face!  He’s stunned and then pissed.  John is sitting there looking all innocent and Monica is totally bummed.  Eric on the jury is totally happy with the outcome.  The other girl on the jury(can’t remember her name) is pissed off too.




So You Think You Can Dance Results November 18

SYTYCD is one of those shows I watch off and on from season to season.  Since I’ve been a total tv addict this season I have been following this show.  I have to put a disclosure out that I cannot dance to save my life and know nothing about technical skills.  My opinions are just my gut feeling about how I liked the dancing.

Tonight’s opening dance was not one of my favorites.  I just found it too strange.

So who are the bottom three? So far my favorites are Ashleigh and Russell.

  • I’m glad to see Ashleigh and her partner are safe.
  • Kevin and Karen are in the bottom 3
  • I don’t care for Ashleigh’s husband as much but he and his partner are safe.
  • Noelle and Russell (go Russell!!) are safe.  Yay!
  • Channing and Victor (no real strong feelings for either of them.  I didn’t think they were that good but not horrible.) are in the bottom three
  • Mollee and Nathan (I don’t know why but I don’t like these two even though everyone else seems to be crazy about them) are in the bottom three
  • Kathryn and Legacy (like Legacy and Kathryn is ok) are safe

Next up was a Bollywood routine.  I’m always a sucker for these routines.  They just look like so much fun!

For the solos:

  • Karen is up first.  She was ok but didn’t really grab me
  • Kevin-I enjoyed his dance but I tend to like that style
  • Channing-the rhythm felt off to me.  I liked her dancing but for me it just didn’t work with the music
  • Victor was meh
  • Mollee’s dance for some reason just reminded me of a cheerleading routine rather than a dance
  • I actually really liked Nathan’s dance. Maybe it’s just when he’s dancing with Mollee that I don’t care for him

The judges go back to deliberate while a band performs. I couldn’t catch their name but I really liked them.  Will have to look it up or if anyone knows please let me know.

The Results

Nigel says they were unanimous on both the girls and guys elimination.  He praises Mollee and tells her she moves on.  He tells Channing that technique-wise she did well but she wasn’t really gripping as a performer.  So she ends up going home and Karen stays.  I was fine either way but I thought Channing was the better dancer.

Nathan is the first to find out he is safe.  Victor is safe and Kevin is eliminated.  A little disappointed but still happy my favorites are still in.

America’s Next Top Model Cycle 13 Finale

Tonight was the stomp off between Laura and Nicole for the America’s Next Top Model finale.  I have to admit when I look at the two of them they are not the ones I would picture as the finalists.  Personality-wise Laura seems to be the more likeable one but when we look at the pictures I think Nicole looked so much better.

We started off seeing the girls shooting their Cover Girl shots and commercials.  Laura seemed to do really well but Nicole looked like she stumbled.  Jay even said she sounded snooty.  On the other hand Tyra said she thought she was likeable.  For the Cover Girl shot I thought Laura’s was better but neither was as good as past finalists shots.

The Runway

At the fashion show the girls find out several of the other girls are returning to also walk in the show.  I kind of wonder if it was a cost cutting measure so they didn’t have to hire more models since you rarely got to really see the other girls.  On the runway Laura looked better to me.  Nicole’s walk was kind of hulking but the judges said at least it’s a signature walk.

So it looks like everything was leaning towards Laura.  Usually they seem to try and throw you off so I was wondering if Nicole might end up winning.

Yup, America’s Next Top Model is Nicole!

Supernatural Season 2 Disc 3

Just a little background.  A couple of my fellow book bloggers actually got me hooked on Supernatural so I’ve been ordered every season to catch up so I can watch the latest season.  This was the last disc I needed to watch in season 2.  Somehow when I ordered season 2 disc 3 ended up being the last one to come in so I’ve actually watched discs 4-6. Watching disc 2 explained a couple things I was wondering about. Namely what did Sam and Dean’s dad tell Sam before he died and who was that girl who had visions like Sam but disappeared.

Contains episodes: Croatoan, Hunted and Playthings


Sam has a vision of Dean shooting a guy who has been tied up and is claiming to be innocent. So they set off for Oregon to try and find him. In town Sam notices the word Croatoan carved into a pole in the town and they speculate over why it’s there. When they get to the guys house they notice something suspicious going on and rescue the mom after her husband and son have tied her up and beaten her. They were trying to pour their blood into one of her open wounds. Turns out the whole town is going crazy and trying to infect anyone they come across. Sam and Dean as well as a few other towns people take refuge in the medical clinic. The doctor finds out from some blood tests that these people have sulfur in their blood. At one point Sam gets attack and the person tries to infect him. Sam begs Dean to kill him or let him kill himself before he goes crazy from this sickness. Dean refuses to and tells the doctor and two other refugees to leave town. The three people leave but are soon back as they find that everyone in town has disappeared. After several hours pass they also find that Sam is sickness free and appears to be immune. The episode ends with one of the refugees killing the other survivors and we see that he is really demon possessed.

I really enjoyed Croatoan and the story behind the real Croatoan mystery has always fascinated me. The ending was a surprise to me. I love Dean as usual but he seemed much more high strung and twitchy in this episode.


Dean finally tells Sam that their father told him before he died that he needs to look out for Sam and if needed to kill him. This pushes Sam over the edge wanting to know what that meant and if it means he will turn evil one of these days. Dean wants to take a break from demon hunting so Sam sneaks off on his own. In the meantime we see a vision of Sam sneaking into a house and getting blown to bits. At first I thought it was a dream of Sam’s but it turns out there is another girl, Ava, who has these premonition dreams and she manages to find Sam and warn him. It turns out her vision was of Sam trying to rescue Dean from a fellow hunter, Gordon, who has taken Dean as bait to try and lure Sam in so he can kill him. Gordon believes that Sam and these other people with these special powers are going to turn evil eventually so it’s better to kill them all now. Thanks to Ava’s vision Sam manages to avoid Gordon’s booby trap, rescue Dean and also called in an anonymous tip to the police that ends up getting Gordon arrested.

Hunted was not one of my favorite episodes. I never did like Gordon but it was funny seeing what happens to him in the end. I love episodes with Ellen and Ash in them so that was one plus even if it was a brief appearance.


Ellen tells the brothers about a pair of suspicious deaths at a hotel that is up for sale. When they get there they find out the two people killed were both involved in the closing of the hotel and when another man involved in the sale is killed they race to find out what is going on. The owner’s daughter has a bunch of dolls and a dollhouse that seems to foretell each of the deaths by re-enacting the deaths right before or as they happen. It turns out that the owner’s daughter has an imaginary friend who is really a ghost of a girl who drowned in the hotel pool. She is killing these people to try and keep the little girl at the hotel. Towards the end she pushes the girl into the pool to kill her and trap her spirit but the little girl is saved when her grandmother offers to remain with the ghost (who we find out is actually her older sister) instead.

Playthings reminded me of why I hate dolls. They have always creeped me out and even when I was younger I never wanted a doll. The ones who have the eyes that open and close are the worst. So yes, this episode freaked me out. Probably neck and neck with the episode about the killer clown. I was about to think you can’t kill that little girl at the end and was relieved with how the story ended up.

CW Synopsis: