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Survivor Finale

Between me being sick and my daughter being sick I have been slacking on blogging about Survivor so now I’m catching up on DVR.  So a little catch up.  First Dave got voted out-no surprise there.  Then Monica went-again no surprise although she did try hard to stir the pot against Russell.  Finally after Brett won immunity two times in a row they had to vote out Shambo.  She took it well which surprised me.

Finally during the finale Brett wins immunity for the third straight time and Foa Foa finally had to turn on each other.  Russell and Natalie were working together to decide who should go home.  Russell pitted Mick against Jaison and Jaison against Mick.   They decide to get rid of Jaison because they think Mick and Natalie have a better chance to beat Brett in immunity than Jaison does.  Jaison was pretty pissed at Russell for blindsiding him and he says he is rooting for Brett.

It will be curious to see what happens now.  Russell has a final 3 deal with Brett, Mick and Natalie.

Final Immunity Challenge

Each will have to place a wooden statue on top of a pole.  At certain intervals they will attach another length of pole.  If you drop your statue you are out of the game.  They are adding a new section to the pole every 2 minutes.  Mick is the first one out of the challenge.  Then Natalie is out!  I think Brett has a good chance at this challenge.

It starts to get really windy and both guys are wavering but recover.  And another section of pole is adding putting them at 7 feet high.  They have 30 seconds to make the transition.  Both make it but you can see Russell trembling and Brett is wobbling.  Both recover and keep going.  Uh oh! Russell is wobbling big time.    Brett is wobbling too and Brett falls off!

Russell wins immunity!

Russell is pretty cocky now about winning the million dollars.  They vote out Brett which leaves Natalie and Mick with Russell in the final 3.  Russell is actually coaching Natalie and talking to them about what are they going to say when they are asked why they deserve to win the game.  Russell is telling them they need to come up with something better if they want second place.  So he things this is a lock for him.  You know I was leaning towards Russell just because he played an amazing game but he is so cocky about winning he deserves to lose.  He is getting on my nerves.

The Jury

Shambo was pretty bitter.  Brett left me kind of confused.  He asked Mick if they went on a “brogate” what would they do?  He says it was just to see how Mick tried to get to know him.  But he only asked Mick.  Kind of strange.  People hit Natalie pretty hard about riding coattails.  They of course hit Russell about his sneaky game play.

Dave asked each player what they thought their chance of winner was.  Mick said maybe 20%, Natalie went 30% and Russell went with 55%.  I think it’s Eric (the first guy on the jury) totally made a case for Natalie saying just because she rode coattails that isn’t any worse than playing an unethical game or a “sense of entitlement” (he was referring to Mick) doesn’t mean she is any less deserving.  He said she got his vote and he hopes she gets 4 more.

I think Natalie has a good chance of winning.  Russell played a good game but I think his cocky attitude is not winning him any votes.

The Votes

They show Eric voting for Natalie and Shambo voting for Russell.

At the finale show: Ratalie, Russell, Natalie, Russell, Natalie (Russell looks like he’s about to cry), Natalie, Natalie is the winner!  Looks like Mick might not have got any votes.  I’m satisfied with the way it turned out.  I think Russell did most of the scheming and dirty work but he didn’t work on winning people over in the end.


Supernatural Season 4

So I’m a little confused over what is going on.  Castiel got pulled back to Heaven and when he comes back he is all bitter and all about Heaven now.  During the fight to save Castiel Dean finds out Sam is drinking demon’s blood.  He and Bobby lock him up to try and detox him but Castiel lets him out for some reason.  Anna comes to him and questions him but the jerk turned her in to the other angels.  I don’t know if they just took her away or if they killed her.

It’s killing me that I’m watching the last disc of season 4.  I hope I get to find out what is going on with Sam, Ruby, Castiel, etc but I have a feeling I’ll be left hanging since I heard in season 5 they were still seperated.  What the heck is going to happen!

Ok, so I’ve been slacking about blogging but I did finally finish season 4 and boy what an ending!  I still wish the old Ruby was around (I know, I know, let it go) but it was kind of funny in a sick way to see the shock on Sam’s face when he found out Ruby betrayed him.  He was really getting on my nerves.  I was sad about Castiel getting killed off though.  Can’t wait to see what happens now that Armageddon is here.

So You Think You Can Dance Finale

I finally got a chance to catch up on the Supernatural finale.  After Tuesdays dances I was really unsure who would win.  I love Russell and thought he has been amazing through out the competition but Kathryn really blew me away.  For the past few weeks I thought she has been doing great and I loved almost every single one of her dances.  I seriously thought she was competition for Jakob who I thought was the leader of the pack.

For the actual finale I didn’t care much for the guest performances.  Mary J Blige was pretty good but I wasn’t impressed with Leona Lewis, Adam from American Idol or Jennifer Lopez.   During one of the performances apparently Russell hurt his leg so he wasn’t able to dance when the judges started choosing their favorite dances from the season.

They started narrowing down who the winner was.  Ryan came in sixth which I totally agreed with.  Then went Ashleigh, Ellenore, Kathryn and then there was only Jakob and Russell left.  I was a little surprised at this point.  As much as I love Russell I thought Kathryn might have surpassed him in popularity in the past couple weeks.   Then Russell was announced as the winner!  Woohoo!  I was really happy with the order of the final six.

Supernatural Season 4-Sex with a fallen angel?!

Did that title get your attention?  Wow, I didn’t realize before now even with all the references to Dean and the girls he sleeps with they have not shown a love scene with him in it.  Talk about sexy!  Have I mentioned I love Dean Winchester?  Anyway, apparently they rescued a fallen angel and if they don’t hand her over to the “good” angels they will throw Dean back to hell.

Oh and to confuse things even more we found out that Ruby and Sam got it on together when Dean was gone.  Anyway, one of the demons tortures Ruby to find out where the brothers are hiding the fallen angel and they show up at the same time as the angel Castiel(sp?) and his side kick.  So they start to duke it out for Anna, the fallen angel.  And come on. I expected more than punching and throwing each other against the wall but anyway in the melee Anna gets her grace back and escapes.

At the end Dean finally tells Sam what happened when he was in hell.  It turns out after 30 years of torture Dean agreed to a deal that to get off the rack he would torture other souls.  Poor guy was torn up over it but Sam tells him most people would not have lasted 30 years.

Then to make things worse a few episodes later the angels call in Dean to torture a demon to try and find out how the demons managed to kill a bunch of angels.  While he’s gone we see another side to Sam and Ruby.  Sam drinks Ruby’s blood to become strong enough to save Dean.  The smile Ruby gave while Sam was drinking makes me wonder about her again.  She’s up to something with Sam.

In the end we find out it was Castiel’s angel partner who was killing the angels who would not side with him to release Lucifer.  Castiel fights him and the “fallen” angel, Anna helps to kill the traitor demon.  Have I mentioned how sexy Castiel is becoming?  I am really starting to love him.

Supernatural Season 4

So Dean is back as expected but whoa what’s the deal with Sam?  And let me just say I preferred the old Ruby.  This new one sounds pretty pansy.  She always sounds scared.  At least the old one had attitude.  I watched the episodes in a row so I don’t recall what happened in which but a being claiming to be an angel of god apparently rescued Dean and Ruby is scared.  Then something starts happening where hunters are being killed by the ghosts of people that were killed because the hunters could not rescue them or put them in the path of harm.

Turns out Lilith broke a seal that brought these ghosts back.  The angel helping Dean tells him that this is just the first step towards Armageddon.  In I think the third episode the angel takes Dean back to the past where he meets his mom, dad and grandparents.  He is surprised to find out his mom was a hunter but in the end makes a deal with the yellow eyed demon after he kills her boyfriend(the boys father).  Yet he could not stop any of it.  The angel tells Dean now he knows what they know but no one knows what the yellow eyed demon’s final plan was.  He tells Dean that Sam is going down a dangerous road and he needs to stop him before they do.

I’m thinking this is all about how Ruby is showing Sam how to kill demons just using his mind.  I swear, every time I see Ruby I dislike her more and more.  I wasn’t a big fan on the episodes about the flesh eating monster and the black and white shape shifter episode.

I finally get to the episode where Sam is telling Dean about what happened between he and Ruby.  And ugh!  So wrong.

So You Think You Can Dance December 9

So what did you guys think of the finalists that made it to the finale?  I for one am happy.  I agreed that both Ryan and Legacy should have been in the bottom 2 for the guys and Legacy should have been the one to go.  I think Ryan should go next.

For the girls there seems to be a little more controversy going on.  Some have said that they felt Ashleigh should have gone since she didn’t dance due to her injury.  I for one am glad Ashleigh stayed.  I thought she was one of the consistently strongest female dancers this season.  I have to say I was surprised since both she and Mollee were not favorites of mine at the beginning.  But I really think Ashleigh does a good job so why should she be punished for missing one dance?  I think a lot of the other women-Noelle, Ellenore, Mollee and Kathryn have been hit or miss through out the season.  Yes, Mollee and Kathryn did awesome on Tuesday night’s show and if we went based solely on that night sure they both deserved to stay.    But for me I look at what I thought of their dancing through out the season and I think Ashleigh deserves to be in the finale as long as she can still perform.  That said I was slightly bummed to see Mollee go instead of Ellenore.  Initially I found Mollee’s dancing to remind me too much of a cheerleader but in the last couple shows she has really seemed to blossom.  I’m not sure if it’s due to her different partners or not but I thought she was doing a great job. 

What are your thoughts on what happened?  Should Ashleigh have been cut automatically?

Amazing Race Finale

Meghan and Cheyne are the first to depart at 11:10am.  Fly to your final destination-Las Vegas, NV.  When they land they have to travel to the Graceland church to get their next clue from Elvis.  The first flight out is at 6:40pm so guess everyone is catching up.  Huh, the other two teams didn’t know who the third team was.  They finally find out at the airport.  Sam and Dan tell Brian and Ericka don’t blame us, blame your taxi driver.  It was his fault.  Yeah right.

They arrive in Vegas and everyone is off running.  Brian and Ericka are out first and Sam and Dan last.  They all get to the chapel at the same time.  The poor couple.  I wonder if the couple getting married knew they were going to be interrupted.  Their next clue is to go to Mandalay Bay.  Brian and Ericka’s cab driver takes a different route from the other two teams and they make it there first.

Who’s ready to climb down a mountain? 

The team member will have to do a face down rappelling down 600 feet down the side of the hotel.  Ericka does it since Brian is afraid of heights.  Poor Brian looks like he’s about to puke and he’s not even the one doing it.  Cheyne does it for their team.  This is always a crazy task.  I would love to try it but I think I would totally freak out.  Surprisingly Ericka is enjoying herself but she is moving so slow but she finishes first.

Next clue is to go to The Mirage.

Sam is doing the task for their team.  He’s moving at a pretty good clip but Cheyne finishes first.   Sam and Dan finish third and get a new cab driver.

The Mirage

Join the cast of Love.  They have to join the Cirque du Soleil Love and one member using bungy cords has to bounce their team member high enough to grab a bouquet high up in the air.  Ericka is bouncing and Meghan is bouncing.   Meghan gets a handful of petals but misses the bouquet.  Ericka wants to switch out since Brian is taller.  Meghan gets her bouquet.  Ericka starts yelling at Brian as they switch.  Dan gets the bouquet next.  Ericka is in tears and wants to switch again.  Ericka just needs to calm down.   She’s freaking herself out.  This is her problem.  She psyches herself out.    She finally gets it and then yells at Brian “stop cheering and get me down”.

They have to find the most famous casino in Monaco.  Teams must now figure out the next location is the Monte Carlo.  Sam and Dan are following Meghan and Cheyne’s taxi but neither team has figured out the casino yet.

Sam and Dan finally call someone at The Mandalay Bay and find out it’s the Monte Carlo.  Huh, Ericka knows right off the bat it’s the Monte Carlo.  Sam and Dan arrive first.  Meghan and Cheyne end up going to the Venetian.  They ask a bell hop who says they think it’s the Monte Carlo but isnt’ sure.  So they go into the concierge.  They also say the Monte Carlo.

The Monte Carlo

Teams have to count out a million dollars in poker chips.  There are tables with 8400 chips and they have to count out exactly one million dollars.  Dan is totally freaking out but Sam is keeping a level head.  Brian and Ericka arrive next. Then Meghan and Cheyne.  Meghan and Cheyne seem to be making up ground.  They call done first.  Then Sam and Dan and Brian and Ericka.

Meghan and Cheyne are correct.  Sam and Dan and Brian and Ericka are incorrect.   Sam and Dan finish second.  Brian and Ericka are incorrect again.

Teams must now need to make it to the high roller suite in the MGM Grand where Wayne Newton will tell them the location of the finish line.  Sam and Dan get there second but can’t figure out Wayne’s name.  Brian and Ericka are still arguing about the poker chips.

The finish line

So Wayne Newton tells them that the finish line is “My house.” and that is all he gives them.  Meghan and Cheyne’s cab takes them to his ranch but they can’t find the main entrance.  OMG, do not let Sam and Dan win!  Yes!  Meghan and Cheyne win!!!

Sam and Dan come in second.  Still dislike Dan intensely.  Brian and Ericka are third.  Wonder if they ever got the poker chips counted or they just told them to give up.

Supernatural Season 3 Finale Rant

I watched the last disc for Supernatural Season 3 and don’t have time to do a full recap but let me just say I am bummed that not only did they kill Dean (I know he will come back somehow but still) to add to that they got rid of Ruby AND Bella.  I liked both of them.  The only thing they could do to make it worse is to kill Bobby.

Please tell me somehow either Ruby or Bella come back in future seasons?  I cannot wait to start season 4.

Survivor December 3

Sorry for the slacking on my recaps but I just have not been feeling well so I’ve been sleeping a lot and catching up when I can on my tv shows.  Thank goodness for DVR!

So here’s the short recap.  Laura was voted out last week and now Shambo is gunning for Dave.  She was cooking one of their chickens and he started making comments about how since he won the chicken he should have a say in how it’s cooked.  Shambo said she wasn’t sure if it was PMS but she totally snapped at him.

Reward Challenge

At the reward challenge it was the food auction.  Natalie got a PBJ sandwich, Mick got a huge cheeseburger, fries and beer.  Jaison got an advantage at immunity challenge.  John got a clue to the location of the hidden immunity idol.  Shambo got a gross looking sea slug and something spaghetti.  Natalie also got a shower and Monica got an entire roasted chicken.  The last item was a huge slice of apple pie which John won but he had the option to keep the pie OR split an entire pie among 4 other people.  He choose to keep his pie which Russell said was a dumb move.

Immunity Challenge

At the immunity challenge they had to hold up a log that weighed as much as they did using a rope with knots.  Every 3 minutes they would switch hands so at all times they would only have one hand on the rope.  At intervals they would have to move their hands down one knot so they are holding more weight at a steeper angle.  Jaison’s advantage was at any point he could move up 2 knots.  So at the end where everyone else had to hold on the ropes without any knots to help he still had a knot helping him out.

Shambo was the first one out and surprsingly next was Russell.  Another big surprise was that Natalie was in the final 3 with Dave and Jaison.  She finally drops out.  Both guys were struggling but Jaison finally wins immunity!

 Hidden Immunity Idol

So John got a clue to where the hidden immunity idol was but although he found the spot he couldn’t find the idol.  He assumed Russell already found it.  When the two of them were strategizing over who was to go next John tells Russell he knows he has it and Russell confirms it and manages to weasle out the clue from John.  So now he decides he needs to get rid of John.


Russell tries to convince Mick and Dave to vote out John.  Jaison doesn’t think it’s a good idea because if they go against Shambo then she will flip to the other side.  They leave you hanging on where it all leads to.

Immunity Council

It seems like no one is really clear as to who is going home.  Everyone has assumptions though and John is pretty cocky.

The Votes

Mick, Dave, John, John, John, John, John.  Another blindside.  Bye bye John.  Shambo looks pissed.  Dave of course is happy and John is shocked.  I think it was a smart move.  John is a smart one and a sneaky one.  Shambo is going to be the loose cannon.  She’ll probably swing to whoever makes her feel better and appreciated next week.

Supernatural Season 3 Disc 3-4

Disc 3

A Very Supernatural Christmas

People start disappearing right before Christmas and it looks like they are being dragged up the chimney.  The brothers initially think it’s an anti-Santa Claus but they soon find out that is wrong.  They finally narrow down that all the victims had bought the same Christmas wreath and it’s two pagan gods who are taking the people as sacrifices.  Sam and Dean get captured while investigating the home of the pagan gods but manage to escape and kill them.  A side story is Dean trying to convince Sam that they should celebrate Christmas this year since it will be his last Christmas.    Sam is against it but in the end gives in.

I swear this was such a coincidence in timing to see this right after Thanksgiving and before Christmas.  Talk about giving you nightmares right before the holidays though.

Malleus Maleficarum

This episode starts off with a husband and wife being killed by a witch.  Sam and Dean figure out the witch who killed them but when they find her she’s been killed by another witch.  It turns out they are dealing with a coven that is being led by a demon.  The demon is about to kill them all but Sam’s demon girlfriend, Ruby, rescues them.  Dean finds out that she was once human and that all demons were once human but forgot what it was like to be human.  She approaches Dean afterwards to help prepare Sam to be able to fight once Dean is gone.  She also tells him that eventually he will turn out just like these other demons and forget his humanity.

I really liked this episode.  Maybe because I like Ruby and am curious to see what her agenda really is.  She claimed at the end she is trying to help Sam because she remembers what it was like to be human and wants to save Sam.  I also can’t believe when she says there is no way to save Dean.  Come on!  We gotta save Dean.

Dream a Little Dream of Me

Bobby is in a coma and Sam and Dean are trying to fin dout what happened.  It turns out that a guy who was participating in a dream study got hooked on the dream root and trapped Bobby in a nightmare when he was starting to get on his case.  Sam and Dean go into his dream to get him out.  They need to contact Bella to get the root that is needed to dream walk.  She comes and helps them out but ends up stealing their colt.

I thought this episode kind of sucked.

Disc 4

Mystery Spot

Sam and Dean get stuck in a Groundhog’s day situation in which only Sam realizes what is going on.  In each Tuesday Dean dies and Sam needs to figure out how to stop it.

This episode was amusing but not the greatest.  It was interesting to see how crazy Sam really goes once Dean dies.

Jus in Bello

Sam and Dean break into where Bella was staying to try and get the colt back.  She calls the cops on them and they get taken to prison.  The FBI agent tracking them shows up but gets possessed by a demon and they are under seige by demons.  They manage to exorcise the demon from the FBI agent and he now believes in demons.  Ruby shows up and finds out the colt is missing and the only way to get rid of all the demons is to kill a virgin and get rid of them all including Ruby.  Dean refuses and says they will fight instead.  Ruby leaves rather than watch them die.  They let all the demons in, trap them inside the building and exorcise them using the PA system.  One demon manages to escape and tell Lilith, the demon after Sam.  After Sam and Dean leave Lilith shows up and kills all the survivors.

I want to know what the deal is with Bella.  She claims that she isn’t in this just to sell the colt.   I am also shocked that Sam was willing to let Ruby kill the virgin.  This was a cool episode.  Ruby was actually willing to kill herself to save the brothers which is curious.  I thought she had a hidden agenda but maybe she really is just looking out for Sam.


Synopsis from the CW website:

Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean (Jensen Ackles) take a break from their usual gig to star in a gritty reality show called “Ghostfacers” which chronicles the pursuit of the paranormal. Ed Zeddmore (guest star A. J. Buckley) and Harry Spengler (guest star Travis Wester) have created a radically different and sometimes violent show full of profanity that takes them to the Morton Mansion, an abandoned estate which becomes one of the most haunted places in America one night each year.

However, as their team begins to get picked off in grisly manners not fit for television, they realize they are in over their heads.

This episode was the worst so far.  I didn’t like the original one with these ghost buster guys and this one had me almost skipping the episode.  They tried to do this Blair Witch Project thing with the cameras which I hate.