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The Biggest Loser 1/26

Ok, I have to admit I watched The Biggest Loser at the beginning and then took a long break and just started watching again last season but was there always this much drama on The Biggest Loser?  First off the red team.  Do they honestly believe anyone believes Melissa when she says she is not playing the game and threw her weigh ins when she had immunity?  Come on!  Really, get over it and just admit you are playing the game.  I do admire Jillian for sticking to her guns and not backing down from what she believes.  I feel like Bob took the easy way out and this is the second time he’s done that this season.  I’m giving him the benefit of the doubt that the producers are pushing him to be the nicer one since they like having Jillian being abrasive but they need to keep the players on the ranch.

Then the green team.  Their attitude is so frustrating and they are so abrasive.  I really think their attitude in the long run is going to hurt them.  After a challenge the red team gave the green team a 2lb disadvantage which of course sucks but the attitude the green team threw was out of line I think.  Then at the weigh in they fell below the yellow line and again they attacked the red team even though the 2lb disadvantage didn’t make a difference and they would have fell under the yellow line anyway.  Then when when they went in front of the rest of the house again they had attitude and Migdalia just said she wanted to go home and that’s it.  She wouldn’t go into any real reasons why and both she and her mom stood there angry, with their arms crossed and just giving off waves of anger.  Honestly I think both Migdalia and her mom are a negative vibe in the house and it will be better when they are gone.

As for the rest of the show, I still love the gray team.  They just seem like such sweet guys and I loved that they won the reward competition to call home.  They worked great together and really encouraged one another.  They had the choice to give 3 other teams the chance to call home as well.  They chose the red team who came in second because they said they missed their mom and they understood how hard it was for both parents to be on the show and leave their kids behind.  They also gave John the phone call because he lost his brother early on and he also has a young son at home.  The third one to get a phone call was Migdalia so she could talk to her husband and kids.  I actually teared up watching some of their phone calls.

In the end Migdalia went home even though the teams were split.  Some felt Migdalia needed to stay but most honored the green team’s wishes and sent her home.  Should be interesting to see how next week goes.


The Biggest Loser 1/19/10

I just finished watching yesterday’s episode of The Biggest Loser and boy was this an interesting episode.  The twist for this week was teacher/student.  Only one person from each team would train with Bob and Jillian and would have to train their partner and only the weight loss of the student would count in the final weigh in.  First off the pink team won a temptation challenge for the price of just 10 calories.  Their prize was able to choose who was going to be the student and teacher for each team.   This pissed off Migdalia from the green team but when confronted by Bob and Gillian she refused to admit it.

This eventually lead to a confrontation as Jillian tried to get Migdalia admit to some emotional issues she had.  Migdalia got pissed because she felt like Jillian was saying she was a bad mom and her own mom was a bad mom.  She threatened to walk off the show.  Bob goes to talk to her and calms her down.  It seemed to me he kind of threw Jillian under the bus since he was the one who prompted Jillian to push Migdalia but I guess the goal was to just keep Migdalia in the house.  I just hope Jillian knew what Bob was going to do.  I actually agree with what Jillian said though.  She said the likelihood of Migdalia’s daughter ending up overweight unless she changes was high and Migdalia disagreed.  I totally agreed with Jillian on that point.

The second piece of drama started to show near the end where they show Michael from the white team slacking off during the workouts.  Granted his mom was the “student” but everyone else was still working off.  So a lot of the other teams got irritated by his attitude.   When the white team falls below the yellow line at least two teams admitted wanting to vote him off instead of his mom despite Michael’s mom’s plea to let him stay.  In the end most of the teams honored Maria’s wish despite their irritation with Michael.

The third piece of drama came up when the red team weighed in.  Lance was the student so his weigh in and he did great but Melissa only lost 1 lb.  This was on top of her 1lb gain last week.  Bob and Jillian were pissed and felt she did it on purpose.  Melissa blows up and says she did not throw the week but I doubt anyone believed her.  It’s hard to imagine after a 1lb gain last week and if she really worked out and followed the eating plan that she would only lose 1lb this week.  Lance didn’t make a comment and I couldn’t tell if he was mad at Jillian and Bob for calling Melissa a liar or upset at Melissa.

I understand why Maria wanted Michael to stay but I think unless Michael’s attitude changes he’s not going to make it with a permanent weight loss.  As for Melissa I think she threw the week but guess we’ll see next week.

Star Trek: The Next Generation-Tapestry (What if you could change your past?)

Season 6

Episode: Tapestry

This episode opens up with a team being beamed directly to sick bay and Picard being near death due to a blast that took out his artificial heart.  As he is dying Q appears and asks him why did he have an artificial heart?  If he had a real heart the blast might not have killed him.  Picard tells him it was due to a stupid encounter during youth that he regrets.  So Q makes him the offer to change his past and takes Picard back to his academy days right before he gets into the fight that ends with him getting stabbed in the heart and needing a replacement.  Picard manages to avoid the fight but when Q returns Picard to his present life he is no longer captain of the Enterprise.  Instead he is a low level officer who according to Riker and Counselor Troi doesn’t have much of a future in a command position.  They said he isn’t willing to take risks to get noticed.  In the end some of the actions Picard regretted were key to shaping the person he was and he never learned that life can be short and he needs to embrace it.  Upon his regret Q returns things to the way they were and gives Picard his life back.

Episodes with Q are always fun but this one also makes me think.  If you could go back in time and change something in your past, would you?

For me I was thinking back to an experience I had in the 5th or 6th grade when a teacher once told me and a couple other students that we were too aggressive in taking charge in various situations and we needed to let the other students have a chance in the leadership positions.  I don’t really recall my younger years very well so I can’t remember if I was totally bossy or if I just liked being in charged but I honestly think that affected me through out my later years.  Today I find myself being reluctant to take any sort of leadership positions and I’m always afraid of hurting people’s feelings or not letting everyone participate.  In fact, I think I’ve gone to the opposite extreme but it is so ingrained I find it hard to overcome.  I wonder what my life would have been like if that teacher never had that discussion with me.

Star Trek: The Next Generation-Cause and Effect

Season 5

Episode: Cause and Effect

This episode opens up with Riker, Crusher, Data and Worf playing a poker game and Crusher gets a feeling of deja vu.  Throughout the day she continues to have this feeling but cannot figure out why.  Then the Enterprise encounters a distortion and end up running into another star ship that appears out of nowhere.  Before we see what happens the show resets back to the beginning with the opening poker game.  This repeats a couple times and each time more and more of the crew start to feel the sense of deja vu and they realize that something happened that threw them into a time loop and they are repeating the same day over and over.  In one loop they figure out a way to send a short message to Data’s brain.  In the last loop instead of the cards they were expecting in the poker game they all get a 3 and then they all get 3 of a kind.  Throughout the day the number 3 appears in a ton of different random situations.  When the Enterprise finally encounters the other starship Data realizes the three is referring to the number of rank pips on Riker’s collar and that his course of action is the correct one to save the ship.  Once the crew recovers they find out they were caught in the time loop for 17 days.  Then when they contact the other starship they find out it’s a ship that has been out of use for 80 years.

I really like episodes like this with time loops or time shifts.  It was interesting to see the slow realization of the crew that something was not right.  As a big reader it was also nice to see even this far in the future we see Picard curling up with a good old fashioned book before bed.

The star power trivia for this episode is the captain of the ship that was caught in the loop with the Enterprise was played by Kelsey Grammar.  This episode was back in 1992 so right towards the end of the Cheers run.

Star Trek: The Next Generation-The Game

Season 5

Episode-The Game

While vacationing on Risa an alien woman introduces Riker to a new “game” that he takes back to the Enterprise.  He gets back just in time for the Enterprise with Wesley Crusher who is on break from the Academy.   Slowly Riker starts introducing the rest of the crew to the game and soon the entire crew other than Wesley and a woman he started dating, Ensign Leffler.  Wesley and Leffler start to investigate this game and find out that it was designed to be addictive and it also affects the higher reasoning portion of the brain.  Coincidentally the only person who would not be affective, Data, is out of commission.  What Wesley and Leffler do not know is that Dr. Crusher, Riker and Troi sabotaged Data.   Wesley manages to fix Data in time to prevent Picard and the rest of the crew from turning over the ship and infecting the rest of Starfleet to serve an alien race which the woman who first introduced Riker to the game belongs to.

A few highlights from this episode are of course Wil Wheaton is back which when I was younger was a big deal.  I will admit I used to have a crush on him.  The other random star power fact is that Ashley Judd played Robin Leffler.  Looking at IMDb it looks like this might have been Judd’s film debut.  She starred in two episodes, The Game and Darmok.  It’s actually pretty amazing how many stars actually had walk on roles on Star Trek at the beginning of their careers.

Star Trek: The Next Generation-Disaster

Season 5

Episode: Disaster

This episode opens with Picard taking 3 children who were winners of the science fair on a tour of the ship.  During the tour the ship runs into a quantum filament that damages the ship, takes down communication and traps the crew in various parts of the ship.  Picard’s ankle is broken and he has to try and get the children to safety.  In the meantime Troi, O’Brien and Ensign Ro are on the bridge and it turns out Troi is the ranking officer.  She is faced with a tough choice when a containment leak threatens to blow up the entire ship.  She can either separate the saucer section and rescue those in it or diver energy to engineering and hope someone is still alive and can stop the leak.  Ensign Ro is for separating as there is no evidence anyone is alive.  Troi overrides her objections and waits.  Thankfully Data and Riker make their way to engineering in time to stop the leak.

A funny side story is that Keiko O’Brien goes into labor and only has Worf to help her deliver.  Nothing like seeing a big old Klingon trying to walk a human woman through labor based solely off of his experience during a simulation.  He even growls at one point how this labor was very unorderly unlike the simulation.

The other humorous part of this episode was seeing Picard’s discomfort with the idea of having to spend time with three kids.

I think this episode was a nice prelude to Troi’s re-evaluating her position on the Enterprise.  She holds the rank of Lt. Commander but during the emergency she had no clue about any standard procedures, any science information, etc.  In a way it is kind of scary to have someone with that little background in charge that you can understand some of Ensign Ro’s angst.

Sanctuary Episode “Haunted”

This episode opens up with John back and helping to transport South African empaths whose ship is going down out of range of any of the Sanctuary’s rescue crews.  From the beginning you can see something is wrong with John.  After the rescue one of the empaths comes across John in the Sanctuary and mentions seeing a darkness controlling him.  This triggers John into killing her and then he goes on to try and kill Magnus and Kate.  Magnus uses some sort of weapon that kills John and as she tries to resuscitate him there is a power surge as he comes back to life.   As the various Sanctuary members are spread out in the castle the security measures start going haywire and traps them in separate parts of the castle.

It turns out that the power surge was some sort of evil, killing being that was living in John until it was “shocked”  out of him.  In order to stop it from killing everyone in the Sanctuary John offers himself back up to house the energy again to try and minimize it’s ability to kill.  My DVR cut off the last few minutes but it was sad to see John struggle between wanting to be good and wanting to return to his evil, Jack the Ripper persona.

I was glad to see John back.  After they got rid of Ashley I thought the show was going down hill.  Still not a fan of Kate but it’s nice to see John back.

Star Trek: The Next Generation Time’s Arrow

In this episode the Enterprise is called back to Earth after some futuristic artifacts are found at an excavation site from the late 19th century.  Among the artifacts they find Data’s head.  During the investigation to find out how his head ended up in the 19th century they find out that a group of aliens are traveling back in time and killing humans for their life energy.  Everyone except Data is taking the news that apparently Data dies at some point pretty hard.  For Data he feels the fact that he will die at some point takes him one step closer to being human.

While tracking down the aliens Data goes through a time rift that takes him back to the 19th century where he meets up with a past Guinan and Mark Twain (Samuel Clemens).  The future Guinan tells Picard he needs to join the away team to try and retrieve Data otherwise they will never meet.  In the end, thanks to the help of Clemens and Guinan they manage to stop the aliens and return to the future.  In the struggle with the aliens there is an explosion that disconnects Data’s head from his body.  Thus, how they end up finding Data’s head.  Geordi manages to attach the 500 year old Data head to the body that somehow returned with the rest of the away team to the future.  That part actually confused me.  In the struggle the head and body disconnect and yet his head stays in this site for 500 years yet his body returns to the future?

One fun thing about this episode was there was a bell hop helping Data out in the past and it isn’t until almost the end that we find out that he is the young Jack London.  The other interesting tidbit we learn in this episode is that Guinan is a lot older than we ever thought.  She was on Earth in the 19th century, 500 years before she is on the Enterprise.  So just how old is she?

Through out the seasons Data has made no bones about wanting to be human where as many humans would love to have the strength Data has, never get sick and can withstand a lot without “dying”.   Yet it is sad when Data talks about outliving the friends he has just to make new friends and then outlive them.  To me it just is not worth it.  What do you think?


Survivor Heroes vs. Villains

Leave it to Survivor, when I think ok this show has run its course and lost my interest they come up with a new idea to intrigue me.  Next seasons twist will be Heroes vs. Villains.  This means bringing back tribe members from past seasons.  I really had to go back and think of who I would pick.  It was especially hard to remember the female villains.  The heroes were the hardest.  I guess it’s the villains that really stuck in my head.

Here are some of my choices. Who do you think will be brought back?


Laura from last season’s Survivor Samoa

Russell from last season’s Survivor Samoa

Richard Hatch from Season 1 Borneo

Jerri from Season 2 Australian Outback

Alicia from Season 2 Australian Outback

Rob from Season 4 Marquesas

Johnny Fairplay from Season 7 The Pearl Islands

Ace from season 17 Survivor Gabon

Corrinne from season 17 Gabon


Ethan from Season 3 Africa

Hunter from Season 4 Marquesas

Rupert from Season 7 Pearl Islands

Ian from Season 10 Palau

Tom from Season 10 Palau

Ozzy from Season 13 Cook Islands

Yul from Season 13 Cook Islands

Yau-Man from Survivor Fiji