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Amazing Race 2/22

Leaving the Pit Stop

Jeff and Jordan are first to leave at 3:21am.  Teams must travel by bus to Santiago and then 500+ miles to Puerto Vares (sp?).  Then take a boat and climb to Mirador for their next clue.  THeir taxi driver looks a little clueless at first but gets them to the bus station and find it doesn’t open until 5am.

Brandy and Carol decide to align with Joe and Heidi while they are waiting for the bus to leave.  In Santiago Joe and Heidi hold a spot for Carol and Brandy and that ticks off the other teams.  The four of them get tickets on the earliest bus and of course it sells out.  So they are on the 530pm bus and a bunch of other teams are on the 745pm bus.  The grandmother and daughter catch a 9pm bus.  The cowboys get advice to catch a bus to Temuco and then connect to Puerto Vares.  Caite and Brent and Jeff and Jordan also seem to get the same bus.  In Temuco the cowboys have a 7pm bus and the other four have a 630 bus.  It turns out Jeff and Jordan and Brett and Caite are at the wrong terminal to catch their bus.  The cowboys found out but didn’t tell them.   So by time they get to the terminal they miss their bus.  They decide to try and make the cowboys 7pm bus but they miss it.  Turns out there are no more buses to Puerto Varas or anywhere else that night.  The next bus isn’t until 1am.

Jeff and Cord are the first teams to Puerto Varas.  They drive to Petrohue but find it the marked path doesn’t open until 73am.  Joe and Heidi and Brandy and Carol are next to arrive.  Then Jeff and Jordan and Brent and Caite.  At 730 am Jet and Cord are still the only ones at the trail and get on the boat.  It’s so cute, they each have these little hat protectors for their cowboy hats.  Ugh, the boat ride looks brutal.  I would so be sea sick.

Dan and Jordan have trouble driving stick shift.  It turns out he forgot to turn off the emergency brake.


Jet and Cord are there first.  They have to choose Llama adoration or Condor consternation.

Llama adoration they have to dress a llama up with a blanket and scarf for a traditional festival. 

Condor Consternation-teams must dress as birds with feet and 16foot wings.  They then have to take flight and try to soar to the location of the clue.

Jet and Cord choose Llama adoration.  Carol and Brandy and Joe and Heidi also choose llama.  Brent and Caite choose condor.  Jeff and Jordan choose to fly.  The father/daughter choose condor.  The undercover cops choose llama.  The lawyers choose llama.

The grandmother/granddaughter arrive on the last bus but the brothers get lost so there may still be hope.  LOL.  When the brothers have to reverse they can’t figure out how to go reverse in a stick shift so one gets out and pushes the car backwards.  Jody and Shannon are definitely keeping a positive attitude even in last place.

At the llamas Jet and Cord have no problem and finish quickly.  They joke about being the llama whisperer.  LOL. The llama Joe and Heidi choose starts spitting at Heidi and then another one kicks Joe.  They finally find one lying down and finish up.  Then Brandy and Carol finish.  The lawyers arrive after the cops but finish first.  I think the earlier teams might have it easier since I figure the more teams in the coral the more agitated the llamas would get.

At the condors Brent and Caite take off running and go splat in the water.  They say it is freezing but they get the clue.  Jeff and Jordan finish 5th.  Jody and Shannon finish last but not sure how far behind the brothers they were.

Route Info

Teams now need to drive to Onces Bellavista Farm to search for their next clue.


Teams have to race around a farm collecting the 5 fresh ingredients needed to make a German delicacy.  They have to actually milk a cow to get the milk.  Cord has no problem and said he’s actually milked a cow before.  They finish with no problem.  Heidi and Carol work together.  The cow Carol is trying to milk ends up kicking her hand and the one next to Heidi either pees or poops next to her while she is milking.   Ugh, while Caite is waiting for Brent to finish she spits.  I find that so gross when guys do it and it’s even worse seeing a woman doing it.

LOL. Jeff ends up doing the task since apparently Jordan doesn’t even know what a baker’s dozen is.  The cops end up passing the farm.  So the brothers move up to 8th place.  Jody and Shannon move up to 9th place.  I don’t know what happens to the cop but he slips on something in the kitchen.  Uh oh, Shannon was almost done milking and she gets kicked in the head and has to start all over.  She is moving so slow the cop passes her by.  Jody definitely should have done this one.

Pit stop

Teams now have to drive to Gruta De La Virgen.  This park is the pitstop for this leg of the race.  Jet and Cord are team #1.  They each win a sailboat.

Joe and Heidi are team #2, Carol and Brandy are team #3.  Brent and Caite are team #4.  I can’t tell but Jeff and Jordan might be lost.  They run into the cops when they stop for directions to the pit stop.  Turns out the cops went about 19 miles past the farm.  Monique and Shawn are team #5.  Darn it, Jeff and Jordan.  They end up team #6.  At least they are still in.  Steve and Allie are team #7.  Dan and Jordan are team #8.  Michael and Louie are team #9.  Jody and Shannon are the last team to arrive and have been eliminated from the race.

I was impressed with the cowboys although a little surprised they didn’t mention about the bus terminal thing to the other teams.  I thought they would be too nice and that might hurt them.  Glad that Jeff and Jordan are still in.  The more I see of Carol Brandy including the short clip they showed for next week’s episode makes me like them less and less.  I would be happy to see them go.  I have my doubts about the cops.  They seem to mess up an awful lot so unless they straighten that out I don’t see them lasting long.


Amazing Race Premiere

It’s I believe the 16tth season and they start off in LA.

The Teams

Brent and Katie-dating models

Jet and Cord-brothers from Oklahoma (cowboys)

Steve and Allie-father and daughter

Dan and Jordan-brothers, one’s gay and the other’s not

Dana and Adrian-high school sweet hearts married 17 years

Jordan and Jeff-dating long distance (met in Big Brother house, I can’t believe they are still together!  I foresee Jordan crying a lot)

Jodie and Shannon-grandmother and grand-daughter, both triatheletes

Louie and Michael-under cover detectives

Monique and Shawn-best friends and attorneys

Joe and Heidi-married parents

Carol and Brandy-dating gay couple

Teams have their first clue and have to use public transportation to get to the airport.  The first 3 teams to the airport get on the first flight.  The rest are on a flight that leaves an hour later.

Clue: Fly to Santiago, Chile

LOL.  The two black women are running and one of them goes “oohh, black person go ask them directions”.  A bunch of teams make the metro and the next group get their and find out the next train isn’t for 20 minutes.   There are 3 or 4 teams on a bus.  Jeff and Jordan, Dana and Adrian and the two attorneys make the first flight.  Turns out there is a problem with the plane for the first flight!  Uh oh.  Dana and Adrian rebook on the Miami flight that everyone else is on.  Then the other two teams also rebook.  So now everyone is on the same flight.

When they land they need to scramble for buses to go another 60 miles to another city.  Once there they need to make their way to their next clue. 4 teams make the first bus at 12:15.  LOL. The Oklahoma brothers exchanged all their money to Brazilian money so they can’t use it in Chile.  So they and 2 other teams make the 12:30 bus.  The rest are on the 12:20 bus.


Who has the balance of a cat and courage of a lion?  Cable walking-teams must balance 120 feet above the ground and cross the distance the length of a football field.

Jordan does it for their team.  Miss Teen USA does it for her team.  Joe’s on the line, Allie is on the line, Dan is on the line, Brandy is on the line.  Shawn is on the line.

Miss Teen USA finishes first.  Teams have to take this cable car thing down the hill to get to their next clue.  Jordan and Jeff finish second.  Oops, the Miss Teen USA team walk down instead of taking the finicular or whatever the cable car thing is called.

Adrian falls completely off his line.  The safety specialist comes out and says he can take him back or he can try to make it back up.  He ends up having to be pulled back to the beginning.  Dang, he has to start all over.  Adrian ends up being the last one.

Clue: Time to paint the town

Teams must choose 4 cans of pain and supplies.  Carry them up a steep incline and find the house matching their paint color.  They have to paint the house to finish the task.

Jordan and Jeff find their house first.  They finish first.  Brent and Caite (Miss Teen USA) finish next.  LOL.  Steve and Allie end up in someone’s house and start painting their walls.  The guys there are like “I don’t know what these people are doing here” but they don’t seem to speak English.  The guys there are just standing their laughing.  They finish painting and ask the guys for a clue and the guy just shrugs.  Dan and Jordan drop one of their paint brushes and can’t find it.  The cops don’t find their house and start painting some wall with graffiti.

Teams must make their way on foot to a 90 year old chalet, the pit stop for this leg of the race.

Jordan and Jeff are team #1!  They win a trip for 2 to Vancouver.

Brett and Caite are the second team to arrive but since they walked down the hill instead of taking that cable car thing they get a 30 minute penalty.  Monique and Shawne are team #2.  Jet and Cord go from last to team #3.  Dan and Jordan are the fourth to arrive but due to the lost paint brush they incur a 15 minute penalty.  Steve and Allie are team #4 and Joe and Heidi are team #5.  Guess Steve and Allie found the right house.  Carol and Brandy are team #6.   Brett and Caite are team #7.  The brothers are team #8.  Caite says technically they are team #2 (yes, because you cheated by not following the clue!)  The cops are team #9.

In the mean time Adrian fell again.

Jody and Shannon are team #10.  Adrian and Dana are eliminated from the race.

My thoughts

I was shocked to see Jordan and Jeff on this season.  I didn’t know about that before the premiere and am actually shocked that they are still together.  I foresee Jordan having a break down at some point.  The Miss Teen USA team surprised me by doing as well as they did other than misreading one of the clues.    I can’t help but like the cowboys right now.  They are so naive it’s cute.  Not getting good vibes from the lesbian couple so far.  Louie and Michael’s cockiness at the beginning also rubbed me the wrong way.

Olympics-1500 meter Short Track

I love the short track events during the Winter Olympics and I’ll admit the biggest draw for me is watching Apolo Ohno and the Koreans.  It’s always exciting and you never really know what may happen.  Someone in first or second place can be taken out in a moment changing up the whole race.

As for Apolo Ohno, I can’t believe he is 27 now.  I remember seeing him at his first Olympics and thinking he was so young and now they mention that he is a little old to still be competing.  They even mention that a lot of the coaches he sees in the coaches box are people he skated against in the past.

Tonight’s race was the 1500 meter.  In the first heat I thought the Korean waited too long to make his move and he barely came in second.  American, Jordan Malone, gets disqualified in his heat and Apolo wins his heat with no problem.  He hung in last place until almost the end of the race and nicely moved up to the front.

Semifinals heat

Apolo is in the first semifinal heat.  At the start Apolo starts in last place as usual.  He quickly starts making his way up and finishes in second place.  There was a review of if Apolo pushed the Lee Jung-Su from Korea but he was cleared and he and Lee move on with the Canadian hopeful being edged out in third.

American J.R. Celski was in the third semifinal heat.  I recognize him from The Biggest Loser.  Apparently he was involved in an accident that ended with his skate cutting deeply into his thigh.  This event is his first time competing since the Olympic tryouts and he made a nice showing qualifying for the finals.


There are 3 Koreans and 2 Americans in the finals so it should be interesting.   In the start the Chinese and Canadian start in first.  Then Apolo moves up to first with JR Celski moving up as well.  There is a lot of moving taking place. In the last lap Apolo goes from second to fourth and it looks like he’s out of the medal contention but two of the Koreans take each other out and Apolo moves into second and Celski into third!  Lee Jung-Su takes the gold.  Ouch, the Koreans go from having the podium locked up and then this happens.  Apolo gets his 6th Olympic medal equally Bonnie Blair. 

Survivor Heroes vs. Villains Premiere

I was hoping this season would live up to my expectations and the premiere was not a disappointment.  In the first challenge we had our first two injuries and the villains proved why they were on the villains tribe.

Reward Challenge

The first reward challenge was a sandbag was buried beneath the sand.  2 heroes and 2 villains race out to dig up the bag and the first back to their mat with the bag win a point.  First to 3 points wins.  In the first face off one of the villains dislocates Stephanie’s shoulder and the villains get a point.   Colby got taken down by Coach and villains had 2 points.  Sandra unclips Sugar’s top during their tussle but even topless Sugar scores a point for the heroes.  I forget who scored the heroes second point but it gets tied up.  James scores the winning point for the heroes but Rupert breaks a toe.

At Camp

On the villains tribe I don’t remember a lot of the women.  Sandra, Danielle and the blondie look familiar but don’t remember them.  Tyson is also familiar but I don’t recall him from his season.  Jeri is making her move on Coach after she expresses her surprise that Coach actually took down Colby during the challenge.  Everyone on the tribe is teasing Jeri about how she might find love with Coach.  Russell is already approaching Parvati and Danielle to go to the final two.

The heroes luck out on their first day and find 3 wild chickens and manage to catch all three.  You gotta wonder if they were planted near their camp because they are the heroes and the producers wanted to make it like they have good karma.  JT and James are talking to each other to look out for each other.  Colby and Candace are talking about who might partner up.  They worry Amanda and Cirie might pair up and Stephanie and Tom might team up.  Amanda is worried that since she, James and Cirie were on the same tribe before they might be a target.  Tom and Stephanie are discussing who to hook up with.  Tom thinks maybe JT because in the final two he wants to go up against someone else who already won a million dollars.  He makes a deal with JT.

Back on the villains tribe Rob is irritated because no one wants to work and build fire to boil water.  Rob is trying but Randy says why even bother trying.  Rob actually manages to come up with an idea and builds fire.  Thank goodness they didn’t listen to Randy.  I’m really impressed by Rob.It’s been 6 years since he played but he hasn’t lost his touch.  Now Coach is idolizing Rob.  This ticks Russell off and he comments that Rob may think he’s in charge but Russell is still the king of the hill.

At the heroes tribe Rupert isn’t having any luck building a fire and gives up.   Colby, JT and Stephanie manage to start it so Rupert starts worrying with his broken toe and not being able to contribute as much may make him a liability.  Colby is getting frustrated with Sugar because they are all trying to sleep and she keeps chasing him and talking loud enough to wake up everyone.

LOL. Rob is hilarious.  He was going to try and scale a palm tree to get some palm fronds.  He decides he is not going to risk falling and hurting himself but he figures he can get Coach to do it because of his ego.   He bets Sandra that Coach will do it but in the end Coach gives up.

Immunity Challenge

Five tribe members have to race to assemble a boat and use 7 planks to hold it together and paddle out to retrieve a torch.  They paddle back and the remaining 4 members have to assemble a 4 layer puzzle then use the planks to build a ladder.  Then all members have to climb up and then they have to start a fire to win.  The heroes get their boat together quickly.  They head out while the villains are still assembling their boat.  Heroes get back first and start on their puzzle.  Cirie, Rupert, Amanda and Sugar are working on it.  They are having a hard time on the puzzle and the villains catch up and they take the lead.  The villains solve the puzzle first and start working on the ladder.  And the villains win first immunity!

The Scrambling

So I think either Sugar or Rupert should go.  I love Rupert but with a broken toe it’s going to be rough.  Sugar really serves no purpose on the tribe.  Colby comes to the same conclusion.  Sugar started crying and he says if she can’t survive the first 3 days without a break down she shouldn’t be out there.

The villains are happy that they won first and debating who the heroes will be voting out.  As Russell puts it the heroes are over there being villains trying to figure out who goes home.  I’m shocked that Cirie says she thinks Amanda should go.  Amanda is one of their strongest women.  Sugar says if Amanda and James are together they need to break that up.  They are thinking way to far ahead.  Right now they need to think of winning challenges.  The others are thinking Sugar but Tom thinks maybe Cirie because she’s the manipulator.  Candace talks to Cirie and Amanda about breaking up Tom and Stephanie.  Cirie wants to keep Sugar because she’s annoying and less strong than Cirie so she wants to keep her around.  I really think it’s stupid to get rid of Stephanie or Amanda.  That’s like shooting themselves in the foot.

Tribal Council

Jeff talks about some of the reasons to vote someone off.  He also brings up on the disaster of the immunity challenge.  I really can’t tell which way people are going to go.  But any move other than Cirie or Sugar seems stupid to me.

The Votes

Sugar, Sugar, Sugar, Sugar, Amanda, Sugar, Sugar.  Sugar is the first person voted out this season.

The Biggest Loser 2/9

I missed recapping last week’s episode but the main surprises were that John the last of the brown team went home and Miggy was actually much more likeable without Migdalia around.  Miggy amazed me that she walked 13 miles the day after having her appendix out.  Talk about amazing.

This week’s episode was Olympic week.  They went to Colorado to stay at the Olympic training center and met a bunch of Olympians and Olympic hopefuls.  The other big change this week is they are no longer weighing in as teams. Everyone is on their own plus two people would be going home.  One person will fall below the red line and automatically goes home.  Two will fall below the yellow line and the house will vote on which one goes home.

One of the Olympic hopefuls they met was a speed skater who was making a comeback after a bad fall that ended up with his skate blade cutting deeply into his thigh.  That is my main fear about ice skating in general.   He demos the slide board on which one slides from side to side almost like you are skating.  Allison tells the contestants that the first 3 to slide back and forth 500 times will get an advantage this week.  Melissa starts off strong and leads the pack but starts to falter at the end.  So Sam ends up coming in first, Melissa second and Sunshine (yellow team) third.

The next challenge is a circuit course out in the snow with targets set up for each player.  They will all be given a “gun” and they have to run in a circle and choose someone’s target to hit.  After a person receives 5 hits they are out of the game.  The three winners from the previous competition find out their advantage is that Sam can give 3 “hits” to any player(s) he wants, Melissa 2 hits and Sunshine 1.  Both Melissa and Sunshine decide to target Sam so he goes in with 3 out of his 5 targets already hit.  In retaliation he gives Melissa two hits and sunshine one.  So Melissa said although the three of them were supposed to be have won an advantage they ended up at a disadvantage and basically shot themselves in the foot.  The winner of this competition gets immunity at the weigh in.  In the end O’neil (yellow team) ends up winning immunity.

The weigh in was another shocker.  A lot of them had a rough week with the traveling to Colorado and having their routine changed up but the most amazing was that Melissa gained a pound and ended up falling below the red line and going home.  Cheryl and Daryl fell below the yellow line and then Allison announces another surprise.  Instead of the house voting who goes home, the two of them will compete to see who goes home.  It turns out to be an endurance competition where they are basically crouched down balancing a lit torch on their heads.  Whoever lasts the longest gets to stay.  The show ends up with a cliff hanger so we don’t find out who wins.

I honestly don’t really care who goes home since both Sam and Koli are safe and they are the ones I’m rooting for.