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Amazing Race Premiere

It’s I believe the 16tth season and they start off in LA.

The Teams

Brent and Katie-dating models

Jet and Cord-brothers from Oklahoma (cowboys)

Steve and Allie-father and daughter

Dan and Jordan-brothers, one’s gay and the other’s not

Dana and Adrian-high school sweet hearts married 17 years

Jordan and Jeff-dating long distance (met in Big Brother house, I can’t believe they are still together!  I foresee Jordan crying a lot)

Jodie and Shannon-grandmother and grand-daughter, both triatheletes

Louie and Michael-under cover detectives

Monique and Shawn-best friends and attorneys

Joe and Heidi-married parents

Carol and Brandy-dating gay couple

Teams have their first clue and have to use public transportation to get to the airport.  The first 3 teams to the airport get on the first flight.  The rest are on a flight that leaves an hour later.

Clue: Fly to Santiago, Chile

LOL.  The two black women are running and one of them goes “oohh, black person go ask them directions”.  A bunch of teams make the metro and the next group get their and find out the next train isn’t for 20 minutes.   There are 3 or 4 teams on a bus.  Jeff and Jordan, Dana and Adrian and the two attorneys make the first flight.  Turns out there is a problem with the plane for the first flight!  Uh oh.  Dana and Adrian rebook on the Miami flight that everyone else is on.  Then the other two teams also rebook.  So now everyone is on the same flight.

When they land they need to scramble for buses to go another 60 miles to another city.  Once there they need to make their way to their next clue. 4 teams make the first bus at 12:15.  LOL. The Oklahoma brothers exchanged all their money to Brazilian money so they can’t use it in Chile.  So they and 2 other teams make the 12:30 bus.  The rest are on the 12:20 bus.


Who has the balance of a cat and courage of a lion?  Cable walking-teams must balance 120 feet above the ground and cross the distance the length of a football field.

Jordan does it for their team.  Miss Teen USA does it for her team.  Joe’s on the line, Allie is on the line, Dan is on the line, Brandy is on the line.  Shawn is on the line.

Miss Teen USA finishes first.  Teams have to take this cable car thing down the hill to get to their next clue.  Jordan and Jeff finish second.  Oops, the Miss Teen USA team walk down instead of taking the finicular or whatever the cable car thing is called.

Adrian falls completely off his line.  The safety specialist comes out and says he can take him back or he can try to make it back up.  He ends up having to be pulled back to the beginning.  Dang, he has to start all over.  Adrian ends up being the last one.

Clue: Time to paint the town

Teams must choose 4 cans of pain and supplies.  Carry them up a steep incline and find the house matching their paint color.  They have to paint the house to finish the task.

Jordan and Jeff find their house first.  They finish first.  Brent and Caite (Miss Teen USA) finish next.  LOL.  Steve and Allie end up in someone’s house and start painting their walls.  The guys there are like “I don’t know what these people are doing here” but they don’t seem to speak English.  The guys there are just standing their laughing.  They finish painting and ask the guys for a clue and the guy just shrugs.  Dan and Jordan drop one of their paint brushes and can’t find it.  The cops don’t find their house and start painting some wall with graffiti.

Teams must make their way on foot to a 90 year old chalet, the pit stop for this leg of the race.

Jordan and Jeff are team #1!  They win a trip for 2 to Vancouver.

Brett and Caite are the second team to arrive but since they walked down the hill instead of taking that cable car thing they get a 30 minute penalty.  Monique and Shawne are team #2.  Jet and Cord go from last to team #3.  Dan and Jordan are the fourth to arrive but due to the lost paint brush they incur a 15 minute penalty.  Steve and Allie are team #4 and Joe and Heidi are team #5.  Guess Steve and Allie found the right house.  Carol and Brandy are team #6.   Brett and Caite are team #7.  The brothers are team #8.  Caite says technically they are team #2 (yes, because you cheated by not following the clue!)  The cops are team #9.

In the mean time Adrian fell again.

Jody and Shannon are team #10.  Adrian and Dana are eliminated from the race.

My thoughts

I was shocked to see Jordan and Jeff on this season.  I didn’t know about that before the premiere and am actually shocked that they are still together.  I foresee Jordan having a break down at some point.  The Miss Teen USA team surprised me by doing as well as they did other than misreading one of the clues.    I can’t help but like the cowboys right now.  They are so naive it’s cute.  Not getting good vibes from the lesbian couple so far.  Louie and Michael’s cockiness at the beginning also rubbed me the wrong way.


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  1. * Helen says:

    I LOVE the Amazing Race! Um, the Miss USA woman thought they were going to China? Slightly different from Chile! I kinda’ like the cowboys too 🙂

    | Reply Posted 8 years, 2 months ago
  2. * dsuzuki says:

    LOL. I know! And the poor cowboys having Brazilian money.

    | Reply Posted 8 years, 2 months ago
  3. * Michelle says:

    For the first time in a while I liked all the teams on the first episode. I admit that the lesbian couple is teetering though, they could fall past the line into annoying quite quickly. I also find the Miss USA team to be on that same line as well. Like you, I was surprised they did as well as they did.

    I adore Jeff & Jordan so I’m hopeful they continue to do well. I also laughed out loud at the cowboys when they exchanged to Brazilian money (among other things) but their humor is extremely endearing. I want to see them do well for sure. I did feel bad for the eliminated team this week but have to say it wasn’t the wisest choice to send the bigger of the two out on the rope, smaller is better in that case.

    Looks like it will be a good season.

    | Reply Posted 8 years, 2 months ago

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