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Amazing Race 2/22

Leaving the Pit Stop

Jeff and Jordan are first to leave at 3:21am.  Teams must travel by bus to Santiago and then 500+ miles to Puerto Vares (sp?).  Then take a boat and climb to Mirador for their next clue.  THeir taxi driver looks a little clueless at first but gets them to the bus station and find it doesn’t open until 5am.

Brandy and Carol decide to align with Joe and Heidi while they are waiting for the bus to leave.  In Santiago Joe and Heidi hold a spot for Carol and Brandy and that ticks off the other teams.  The four of them get tickets on the earliest bus and of course it sells out.  So they are on the 530pm bus and a bunch of other teams are on the 745pm bus.  The grandmother and daughter catch a 9pm bus.  The cowboys get advice to catch a bus to Temuco and then connect to Puerto Vares.  Caite and Brent and Jeff and Jordan also seem to get the same bus.  In Temuco the cowboys have a 7pm bus and the other four have a 630 bus.  It turns out Jeff and Jordan and Brett and Caite are at the wrong terminal to catch their bus.  The cowboys found out but didn’t tell them.   So by time they get to the terminal they miss their bus.  They decide to try and make the cowboys 7pm bus but they miss it.  Turns out there are no more buses to Puerto Varas or anywhere else that night.  The next bus isn’t until 1am.

Jeff and Cord are the first teams to Puerto Varas.  They drive to Petrohue but find it the marked path doesn’t open until 73am.  Joe and Heidi and Brandy and Carol are next to arrive.  Then Jeff and Jordan and Brent and Caite.  At 730 am Jet and Cord are still the only ones at the trail and get on the boat.  It’s so cute, they each have these little hat protectors for their cowboy hats.  Ugh, the boat ride looks brutal.  I would so be sea sick.

Dan and Jordan have trouble driving stick shift.  It turns out he forgot to turn off the emergency brake.


Jet and Cord are there first.  They have to choose Llama adoration or Condor consternation.

Llama adoration they have to dress a llama up with a blanket and scarf for a traditional festival. 

Condor Consternation-teams must dress as birds with feet and 16foot wings.  They then have to take flight and try to soar to the location of the clue.

Jet and Cord choose Llama adoration.  Carol and Brandy and Joe and Heidi also choose llama.  Brent and Caite choose condor.  Jeff and Jordan choose to fly.  The father/daughter choose condor.  The undercover cops choose llama.  The lawyers choose llama.

The grandmother/granddaughter arrive on the last bus but the brothers get lost so there may still be hope.  LOL.  When the brothers have to reverse they can’t figure out how to go reverse in a stick shift so one gets out and pushes the car backwards.  Jody and Shannon are definitely keeping a positive attitude even in last place.

At the llamas Jet and Cord have no problem and finish quickly.  They joke about being the llama whisperer.  LOL. The llama Joe and Heidi choose starts spitting at Heidi and then another one kicks Joe.  They finally find one lying down and finish up.  Then Brandy and Carol finish.  The lawyers arrive after the cops but finish first.  I think the earlier teams might have it easier since I figure the more teams in the coral the more agitated the llamas would get.

At the condors Brent and Caite take off running and go splat in the water.  They say it is freezing but they get the clue.  Jeff and Jordan finish 5th.  Jody and Shannon finish last but not sure how far behind the brothers they were.

Route Info

Teams now need to drive to Onces Bellavista Farm to search for their next clue.


Teams have to race around a farm collecting the 5 fresh ingredients needed to make a German delicacy.  They have to actually milk a cow to get the milk.  Cord has no problem and said he’s actually milked a cow before.  They finish with no problem.  Heidi and Carol work together.  The cow Carol is trying to milk ends up kicking her hand and the one next to Heidi either pees or poops next to her while she is milking.   Ugh, while Caite is waiting for Brent to finish she spits.  I find that so gross when guys do it and it’s even worse seeing a woman doing it.

LOL. Jeff ends up doing the task since apparently Jordan doesn’t even know what a baker’s dozen is.  The cops end up passing the farm.  So the brothers move up to 8th place.  Jody and Shannon move up to 9th place.  I don’t know what happens to the cop but he slips on something in the kitchen.  Uh oh, Shannon was almost done milking and she gets kicked in the head and has to start all over.  She is moving so slow the cop passes her by.  Jody definitely should have done this one.

Pit stop

Teams now have to drive to Gruta De La Virgen.  This park is the pitstop for this leg of the race.  Jet and Cord are team #1.  They each win a sailboat.

Joe and Heidi are team #2, Carol and Brandy are team #3.  Brent and Caite are team #4.  I can’t tell but Jeff and Jordan might be lost.  They run into the cops when they stop for directions to the pit stop.  Turns out the cops went about 19 miles past the farm.  Monique and Shawn are team #5.  Darn it, Jeff and Jordan.  They end up team #6.  At least they are still in.  Steve and Allie are team #7.  Dan and Jordan are team #8.  Michael and Louie are team #9.  Jody and Shannon are the last team to arrive and have been eliminated from the race.

I was impressed with the cowboys although a little surprised they didn’t mention about the bus terminal thing to the other teams.  I thought they would be too nice and that might hurt them.  Glad that Jeff and Jordan are still in.  The more I see of Carol Brandy including the short clip they showed for next week’s episode makes me like them less and less.  I would be happy to see them go.  I have my doubts about the cops.  They seem to mess up an awful lot so unless they straighten that out I don’t see them lasting long.


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  1. * Michelle says:

    I’m right there with you on Carol and Brandy, they are starting to be a bit too much for me. But I’d always thought that they would be the first to go down the path of annoying and obnoxious. I, too, wouldn’t mind if they were the next team eliminated.

    The cowboys are starting to inch up into favorite status. I think they are far more cunning and shrewd than people are expecting. But at the same time they really are genuinely nice guys. I think if they go far in the game they won’t be the back stabbing kind as much as strategic.

    I’m really enjoying this season!

    | Reply Posted 8 years, 3 months ago

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