My TV Addiction

Amazing Race March 28

I was out last night and then my daughter was sick so I had to do some catch up on Amazing Race.  The teams were finally flying somewhere.  They were going to Seychelles and due to it being such a small place all teams ended up on the same flight.  Why couldn’t they have this when Jeff and Jordan were trying to catch up?

Anyway, once there they had to take a helicopter to the next location.  The first three teams got to leave first and the rest left an hour later.  Caite and Brent actually managed to get on the helicopter first.  For their next task they had to choose between loading up a bunch of coconuts into an ox cart and drive it to another location or they could try and lead a tortoise using a banana to a finish line and then carry a bunch of bananas to another location for their clue.

Caite and Brent miss one coconut and have to go back.  Brent gets pissed and says he’s quitting but they eventually go back.  Ally and Steve do the tortoise quick but then going for their next clue they forget their back packs.  They decide to leave the packs behind rather than lose time going back for them since they have their passports on them.  Carol and Brandy  do the tortoise first but their tortoise wasn’t going in the direction they needed.  So they decide to switch to ox and cart and wind up in last place.  The cowboys do the ox and cart but also forget one coconut and have to go back.  Carol and Brandy also miss one coconut and as they are leaving in their cart it’s funny they make a comment that they can still catch up because someone has got to mess up.  Yes, that would have helped if they hadn’t messed up too.  On their way back to the coconuts the blond actually has the nerve to tell her partner “you” must have missed one of the coconuts.  Why couldn’t it have been her?

So I’m not a big fan of Caite and Brent but Carol and Brandy keep making these rude comments about Caite and Brent which is starting to irk me.  Caite and Brent aren’t the smartest but really give them a break.  Carol and Brandy have messed up just as much as Caite and Brent.

The next clue has them diving for bottles to get their next clue which directs them to a map to the next pit stop.

Steve and Ally end up team #1.  7-Up gives them massages, a chance to dine ocean side right now and then $7000 each.  Dan and Jordan are team #2.  Caite and Brent are team #3 with the cops as team #4.  They both agree they want Carol and Brandy out next although Brent says it’s anonymous instead of unanimous.  LOL.  The cowboys come in as team #5 but they didn’t look in their bottle to find the map to the pit stop.  They left the bottle on the boat so they need to go retrieve it, pull out the map and then check in.  So looks like Brandy and Carol might have a chance.  Dang it!  I want the cow boys to stay.  Hangs, head and groans.  Carol and Brandy are team #5.  Jet and Cord are the last team to arrive.  BUT…it’s a non-elimination leg.  Woo hoo!  So they have the speed bump next leg so guess we’ll see if they have a chance to catch up.  Hopefully they get lucky with flights or somewhere not opening until all teams arrive.


Reality TV Catch Up

Things have been crazy as we have been renovating our house and trying to get it ready to go on the market.  So I’ve fallen behind on my tv recaps.  So here are some quick thoughts on Survivor, Amazing Race and American Idol.


Ok, the heroes tribe has got to be one of the dumbest tries I’ve seen in a long time.  They were so concerned about their alliance that they eliminated some of their strongest players early on instead of focusing on keeping the strong players so they can win immunity challenges.  First went Stephenie and then Tom.  The worst part about Tom going was James was injured and could barely walk and they still kept him.  What the heck?  The only move I agreed with was when JT switched his vote to get Cirie out.  She is definitely a tricky one down the line and no real physical or mental advantage.

The other sad thing about the heroes tribe is they just can’t win probably due to their dumb evictions and partly due to the fact that they can’t seem to solve puzzles.  Even in tonight’s episode both tribes go to tribal council.  One person from each tribe got individual immunity and then the two winners went head to head to win reward.  Candace won immunity which was surprising but then got her butt whipped by Rob so the heroes lost yet again.  I thought it was funny that the heroes couldn’t even win the rock-papers-scissors challenge to see which tribe would compete first.

Anyway, the heroes finally did a smart move and voted James out.  I’m not sure if it’s too late for them though.

On the villains side not much surprise.  Russell and Rob are head to head and thanks to Tyson Rob’s plan to get rid of Russell fails and to add insult to injury Tyson ends up going home because he didn’t stick to the plan.  I think Tyson is no great loss and the Villains still have the advantage.

Amazing Race

I was so bummed out by the latest episode.  I was rooting for Jeff and Jordan.  Jordan just cracked me up by how blonde she behaved.  One of my favorite parts was when they had to find a statue of Joan of Arc and she said wasn’t that the guy with all the animals?

Sadly once they came in last once I knew it was over unless they flew somewhere and they managed to catch up on a flight.  Unfortunately the past two legs have just been driving and no real tough tasks so they just never had a chance to really make up their 2 hour deficit.  They did manage to catch up with Caite and Brent who were in last place just before the pit stop but Caite and Brent finished first.

The worst part for me is I dislike the cops and I hate that they came in first the past couple legs and are so cocky now.  I am also not a fan of the lesbians.  The brunette (I think it’s Brandy) is such a downer.  She is always whining and complaining.  With Jeff and Jordan out I’m rooting for either Jet and Cord, Steve and Allie or Dan and Jordan.

One of my favorite moments in the last episode was Steve using duct tape to repair their car.  He said his wife tossed the tape into their bags saying duct tape can fix anything.  Boy was she right.  I think they would have been in danger of going home if they needed to get a replacement car.

American Idol

So I haven’t been impressed with this season so far.  I’ve liked Crystal pretty much every week.  I like Lee but he really needs to develop some stage presence.   I like Casey and thought he did extremely well last night.  Siobhan always seems to do pretty well but mainly because she can hit some insane notes.  The ones I don’t understand how they are still there are Tim Urban and Katie Stevens.  They are total karaoke singers.  Paige was also horrible last night.  Anyway, I don’t really feel strongly about who wins this season so far.

Amazing Race March 7

Jet and Cord are the first to depart at 10:57pm.  Make your way to Hamburg, Germany (hey, we have an office there!).  Teams must race on foot to find a certain street to search for their next clue.  They find a travel agency and get tickets for 11:10am so they figure they will all be on the same flight.

Aww, it’s so sweet.  Turns out Dan doesn’t like traveling but Jordan told him it would mean the world to him if they ran this race together so Dan did it for him.  Turns out the teams get various connections.  Jet and Cord and the cops arrive first.  Carol and Brandy and Dan and Jordan get in next.  They are racing to make the train to Hamburg but can’t find their track and miss the train.  Either Carol or Brandy starts crying.  I haven’t figured out which one is which yet.  So Joe and Heidi, Brent and Caite and Jeff and Jordan catch up to them.

Jet and Cord arrive at the clue box first and it turns out to be an intersection.  This means they have to join forces with another team to complete the task.  They call over the cops so they have a team to partner with.

Road Block

They must make their way by train to Hamburg Harbor and perform 150 foot bungee jump together.  Joe and Heidi pair up with Steve and Allie.  They meet a guy who shows them the way.  Dan and Jordan and Carol and randy join up.  Jordan and Jeff and Brent and Caite team up.  Jordan and Caite do the task.  Turns out they get on the wrong train.

LOL. The cowboy didn’t want to remove his hat for the jump.  Amazingly it does stay on.  Did he glue it to his head?  Joe and Allie get there next.  Dan and Brandy are next.   Ummm, Brandy watches Joe and Allie and says oh my god it’s upside down.  Yes, it is a bungee jump!  The look on Brandy’s face made me worry she was going to have a heart attack as they fell.  Caite and Jordan show up in last place.

Find the Kaiser Wilhem statue to get their next clue.  They are no longer intersected.  The cops take a taxi and the cowboys take the metro.


The cops show up first.

Soccer or Sauerkraut

Soccer-teams makes their way to a stadium and from the penalty mark have to hit 5 targets.

Sauerkraut- they have to eat a plate full of sauerkraut while a band plays the sauerkraut polka.  They must finish before the song finishes.  If they don’t then they have to start all over.

The cops arrive first and choose sauerkraut.  Ugh, I’ve never tried sauerkraut but not sure I could eat that plateful.  Michael and Louie have no problem.

Teams now have to go to Haifisch Bar and finish a boot of beer.  Hmmm, another problem since I don’t drink beer.

Jet and Cord, Joe and Heidi and Steve and Allie all show up at the detour at the same time.  They all choose soccer.  Ugh, someone tells Jeff and Jordan and Caite and Brent to take the train instead of a cab so guess they are taking the slow way.

At the soccer I don’t know if I could even kick that far.  Joe is saying how his knee is bothering him so he’s having a rough time.  Steve and Allie already hit two of the targets.  Steve is ripping it up and finishes with no problem.  Joe and Heidi can’t hit any target so they switch tasks.  They leave as the cowboys arrive.  I’m impressed by the cowboys.  They are doing pretty well.  They finish third.

Caite and Brent do soccer.  Jeff and Jordan do the sauerkraut.  Jeff and Jordan are afraid their taxi is lost.    Man, don’t get eliminated!  Joe and Heidi arrive at the sauerkraut.  They down it!  Brandy and Carol arrive next.  Brandy is shoveling it in but Carol is taking these small, dainty bites but they finish.

Dan and Jordan arrive at the soccer and finish without a problem.

Jordan and Jeff finally find the sauerkraut place. Man, they need to eat faster.  They are taking small bites and drinking water.  I have my doubts if they will finish.  Caite and Brent get to the soccer.  Turns out Caite’s played soccer since she was 5 and does well.  Jeff and Jordan give up on the sauerkraut and switched to soccer.    Uh oh!  Caite is in pain every time she kicks.  Still she gets 3 of the 5 shots.  Dang it!  Jeff and Jordan are going to be eliminated.

Haifisch Bar

Louie downs most of the beer.  Next they have to go to Beatles-Platz and find a bar that is the pit stop of this leg of the race.  Steve is so excited to drink the beer.  He chugs the whole thing himself.  Allie does the last sip.  Turns out the cowboys haven’t drank before.  Heidi is doing pretty well but Joe is struggling.  He can’t even read the clue when they get it and makes Heidi read it out loud.  The cowboys are still working on the beer when Carol and Brandy show up.  When they finish Jet says he never, ever wants another beer in his life.  Dan and Jordan seem to do pretty well.  Brent has to go outside and throw up while drinking.  Man if that counts I would down the beer and throw it up afterwards.  Jeff downs the beer.

Pit Stop

Michael and Louie are team #1!  They win a discover gift card worth $5000 each.  I swear Louie is drunk from the beer.

Steve and Allie are team #2.  Joe and Heidi are team #3.  Jet and Cord are team #4.  Carol and Brandy are team #5.  Dan and Jordan are team #6 and Jordan seems drunk as well.  Caite and Brent are team #7.  Jeff and Jordan are the last team to arrive.  Yes!  It’s a non-elimination leg.  They get a speed bump which I think teams have a hard time surviving but there is still hope!