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Amazing Race March 28

I was out last night and then my daughter was sick so I had to do some catch up on Amazing Race.  The teams were finally flying somewhere.  They were going to Seychelles and due to it being such a small place all teams ended up on the same flight.  Why couldn’t they have this when Jeff and Jordan were trying to catch up?

Anyway, once there they had to take a helicopter to the next location.  The first three teams got to leave first and the rest left an hour later.  Caite and Brent actually managed to get on the helicopter first.  For their next task they had to choose between loading up a bunch of coconuts into an ox cart and drive it to another location or they could try and lead a tortoise using a banana to a finish line and then carry a bunch of bananas to another location for their clue.

Caite and Brent miss one coconut and have to go back.  Brent gets pissed and says he’s quitting but they eventually go back.  Ally and Steve do the tortoise quick but then going for their next clue they forget their back packs.  They decide to leave the packs behind rather than lose time going back for them since they have their passports on them.  Carol and Brandy  do the tortoise first but their tortoise wasn’t going in the direction they needed.  So they decide to switch to ox and cart and wind up in last place.  The cowboys do the ox and cart but also forget one coconut and have to go back.  Carol and Brandy also miss one coconut and as they are leaving in their cart it’s funny they make a comment that they can still catch up because someone has got to mess up.  Yes, that would have helped if they hadn’t messed up too.  On their way back to the coconuts the blond actually has the nerve to tell her partner “you” must have missed one of the coconuts.  Why couldn’t it have been her?

So I’m not a big fan of Caite and Brent but Carol and Brandy keep making these rude comments about Caite and Brent which is starting to irk me.  Caite and Brent aren’t the smartest but really give them a break.  Carol and Brandy have messed up just as much as Caite and Brent.

The next clue has them diving for bottles to get their next clue which directs them to a map to the next pit stop.

Steve and Ally end up team #1.  7-Up gives them massages, a chance to dine ocean side right now and then $7000 each.  Dan and Jordan are team #2.  Caite and Brent are team #3 with the cops as team #4.  They both agree they want Carol and Brandy out next although Brent says it’s anonymous instead of unanimous.  LOL.  The cowboys come in as team #5 but they didn’t look in their bottle to find the map to the pit stop.  They left the bottle on the boat so they need to go retrieve it, pull out the map and then check in.  So looks like Brandy and Carol might have a chance.  Dang it!  I want the cow boys to stay.  Hangs, head and groans.  Carol and Brandy are team #5.  Jet and Cord are the last team to arrive.  BUT…it’s a non-elimination leg.  Woo hoo!  So they have the speed bump next leg so guess we’ll see if they have a chance to catch up.  Hopefully they get lucky with flights or somewhere not opening until all teams arrive.


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  1. * Michelle says:

    So glad that it was a non-elimination round this week! I would have been supremely bummed and frankly less inclined to watch the show if the Cowboys left. I wouldn’t have a team I’m really rooting for in the running at all. I’m alright with the father/daughter team but I swear if the two screaming ladies go much further even if the Cowboys stay in I may have to tune out. They are far too annoying and crass to really be able to watch.

    | Reply Posted 8 years, 2 months ago

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