My TV Addiction

Survivor Premiere

In case you missed this season’s twist one tribe is made up of 40+ year olds and the other with 30 and younger folks.  Initially they had everyone divided into two groups walking to Jeff but they weren’t divided into old and young yet.  Everyone assumed the group they walked in with was their tribe.  When they get to Jeff he tells them there is a necklace that will provide a huge advantage in the game to the tribe of the person who finds it.  They all take off running and I believe the girl’s name who finds the necklace is Brenda.  At first one of the older guys who thinks he is on her tribe is stoked until Jeff drops the bomb about the actual tribe makeups.

Then Jeff makes an offer.  Brenda’s tribe (the younguns) can keep the medallion and secret power or give it to the other tribe and instead get fishing gear and fire.  They go with the gear and fire.  At the younguns camp first impression is of Jud the “dumb blond” as he immediately steps on a hook or something, gets pinched by a crab and then looks like he is going to kill himself using the machete.  One of the guys nicknames Jud, Fabio.  Kelly B. tells everyone about her artificial leg and immediately becomes a target because no one wants to go against her in the final two.  She and one other girl get lucky while checking tree mail and get a clue to the location of the hidden immunity idol.  They can’t figure it out so they end up hiding it.

At the other camp Jimmy Johnson is becoming a target since he is a former NFL coach.  Wendy is an oddball and I personally find her voice annoying.

Immunity Challenge

They find out the medallion helps the tribe that holds it in challenges.  So for the immunity challenge the tribes need to form a conduit from the top of a platform to a bucket and one member will pour water down it until it fills up a larger bucket enough to release puzzle pieces.  Then four members need to assemble the puzzle.  If the older tribe uses the medallion they get a free bucket of water.  Jeff says it takes about 4-5 buckets to fill the large bucket so it’s a huge advantage.  But if they use it then they have to give the medallion to the other tribe.  They decide not to use it.

Throughout most of the challenge they are neck and neck but the youngsters manage to assemble their puzzle faster and win immunity.

The Scrambling

One of the guys, I think his name is Marty, wants to vote out Jimmy J. because he sees him as a threat because he’s a natural leader and could win the game.  Jimmy J. claims if he goes to the end no jury would give him the money and he’s here just for the adventure.  He tells one of the girls they need to keep the tribe strong and the two weakest members are himself and Wendy.

Tribal Council

Wendy kind of loses it at tribal council and starts babbling about why they should keep her but instead digs her own grave.  She ends up getting voted out unanimously.

My thoughts

No one initially stands out as the one I want to root for.  I don’t think Jimmy J. is going to last much longer and I feel bad for Kelly B. already having a target on her back.  Fabio looks like he might provide some amusement though.


America’s Next Top Model September 14

The show opens up with the girls doing their first fashion show.  They had to do a Diane Von Furstenberg fashion show on a catwalk suspended 4 stories up in the air.  For the most part the girls did ok although you could tell a lot of them were freaked out.  Kasey couldn’t wear her glasses so everyone was worried about her but she did well.  I’m not sure why she doesn’t have contacts if she wants to model.  She must have known she couldn’t always be ale to wear her glasses.

Next they had a photo shoot where they had to come up with a word that they were bullied/teased with.  Things like queer, giant, etc.  They had this word painted on their bodies along with an empowering word.  I was amazed that Ann, who just looking at her looks awkward looked awesome when she is all done up.  The other girl that stood out to me was Annamaria due to her attitude and her thinness.  I don’t know how tall she is but she must be at least 5’9″ and she’s only 110lbs.  She even told Jay she’s “trying” to get lean.  When he told her she didn’t need to try to get lean she said she didn’t care what others thought.  She knows what she sees in the mirror.  I think her body is scary thin looking and the fact that she thinks she needs to get “leaner” makes me think she might be anorexic.  Her attitude is totally off-putting as she talks a bout how no one else is competition and she is all that.

Kayla is a lesbian and her word was Queer.  She got very emotional about having that written all over her body but she looked breathtaking!  Her empowering word was Free.

Let me pause and just say here thank goodness Nigel is on the judging panel!  I totally missed him in the premiere.  I don’t know if I could watch without him there.

Anyway, back to the stand out pictures.  Terra was one of the weaker ones to me.  Rhiana’s picture didn’t look that great to me but her look is really interesting.

During the judging Tyra talks to Annamaria about her body because she said in a lot of the pictures her body looks unhealthy.  The judges tell her healthy is better but I think it went in one ear and out the other.

Of all the girls photos I liked Ann the best.  She is the super tall, I think 6’2″, girl who has actually been told she’s too tall to be a model.

The Decision

The first girl called up and best photo is Ann.  Runner up for best photo is Kayla.  Annamaria and Terra are in the bottom two.  I think Terra will go home but Tyra will want to lecture Annamaria about her body.

Tyra tells Annamaria they are afraid of the message her body will send to teenage girls.  And I was wrong!  They send Annamaria home.  Annamaria says unless she gets told by multiple agencies she is too thin she’s not going to change because she likes her body.

My thoughts

I agree that Annamaria’s body type sends a bad message to young girls.  Even if she isn’t anorexic she looks it and I would hate girls to think they have to be that thin to be beautiful.  Ann is the only one that really stands out in my mind so far.  Kayla took a nice picture but she only really stuck with me due to her emotional photo shoot.  What did you think?

Big Brother September 8 Eviction and New HoH Competition

So I haven’t been writing about BB this season since I’ve only been somewhat invested in it.  There was the Brenden/Rachel drama which was actually kind of creepy.  Brenden seemed like stalker material.  Then there is the Brigade who are finally stepping up their game and ended up in the final four.  Here is who’s left in case you missed some episodes:

With three Brigade members left in the house it seems like they have the final three sewn up but Lane actually says that he wants himself, Britney and Hayden in the final three.  So Enzo may be in trouble.  Everyone is playing hard for the power of veto.  They all seem to have different strategies, Lane did not seem to have any clue how to even go about it.  I have to say at this point I am sort of rooting for Britney.  I haven’t liked her for the most part but the Brigade is just too cocky.  But unfortunately Hayden won the power of veto.

The Brigade finally tells Britney about their alliance and she is crushed.  I have to give Lane credit for feeling really bad about it and wanting to actually take her to the final three.  So as expected Enzo votes out Britney who leaves with class.  Even during her interview with Julie she says she forgave them all.

HoH Competition

They have to hold on to a rope and are pretty much bashed back and forth against padded walls.  The one who hangs on the longest automatically moves on to the third part of the HoH competition.  We find out who wins on Thursday and then sees part 2 of the competition.

Viewers do have a chance to vote for the player they would like to see win I think it was $20 or $25K dollars.

America’s Next Top Model Cycle 15

I watched the premiere at 3am while feeding my son so forgive me if I get anything wrong.  It looks like there are several changes to this season.  First off the prizes are different.  Instead of a Cover Girl contract the winner will be on the cover of Italian Vogue and they will get a contract with IMG Models.  Tyra also said they are focusing on finding a high fashion model instead of just a pretty girl.

The show opens up with the girls on a bus in assigned seats and when they arrive in Palm Springs Ms. J and Mr. Jay tell them the girl they sat next to is their direct competition.  It turns out they lumped the girls into categories like blondes, brunettes, strong bone structure, awkward girls, etc.

Of course there is always drama.  One girl told her roommate that the girl next to her on the bus said she didn’t really want to be there and her roommate then proceeds to tell all the girls putting her on the spot for gossiping.  Then a girl from West Virginia writes in her diary “Almost got stuck rooming with a black girl, eww.”  Someone read her diary and then went and told one of the black girls who then confronted her about it.  When Miss West Virginia went before Tyra it comes up again and Miss WV claimed she didn’t mean it as racist but there was one girl she didn’t get along with who was black and she didn’t know er name so that is what she wrote in her diary.  First off it is wrong to say something like that but it’s also wrong to go snooping in someones diary.

The girls arrive at a garden party with a lot of industry names and are told only 20 of them are invited and the others are being sent home.  Once they are down to the 20 Jay pairs them up with who he thinks is their direct competition and the pairs do a photo shoot together to see who outshines the other.  After this photo shoot only 14 will continue on in the competition.

I don’t have the names straight yet but there are a few of the quirky looking ones that I actually really liked after their photo shoot.  Some of the notables one that did not make it was Miss West Virginia went home.  The beauty pageant girl who pretty admitted to being a rich-b**ch went home and there was one girl who was against “consumerism”, wouldn’t pay for a hair cut, etc. (what was she doing on ANTM then?) who ended up going home.  We will have to see in coming episodes who stands out.

**One note, where was Nigel?!  I love me some Nigel.