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Big Brother September 8 Eviction and New HoH Competition

So I haven’t been writing about BB this season since I’ve only been somewhat invested in it.  There was the Brenden/Rachel drama which was actually kind of creepy.  Brenden seemed like stalker material.  Then there is the Brigade who are finally stepping up their game and ended up in the final four.  Here is who’s left in case you missed some episodes:

With three Brigade members left in the house it seems like they have the final three sewn up but Lane actually says that he wants himself, Britney and Hayden in the final three.  So Enzo may be in trouble.  Everyone is playing hard for the power of veto.  They all seem to have different strategies, Lane did not seem to have any clue how to even go about it.  I have to say at this point I am sort of rooting for Britney.  I haven’t liked her for the most part but the Brigade is just too cocky.  But unfortunately Hayden won the power of veto.

The Brigade finally tells Britney about their alliance and she is crushed.  I have to give Lane credit for feeling really bad about it and wanting to actually take her to the final three.  So as expected Enzo votes out Britney who leaves with class.  Even during her interview with Julie she says she forgave them all.

HoH Competition

They have to hold on to a rope and are pretty much bashed back and forth against padded walls.  The one who hangs on the longest automatically moves on to the third part of the HoH competition.  We find out who wins on Thursday and then sees part 2 of the competition.

Viewers do have a chance to vote for the player they would like to see win I think it was $20 or $25K dollars.


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