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America’s Next Top Model September 14

The show opens up with the girls doing their first fashion show.  They had to do a Diane Von Furstenberg fashion show on a catwalk suspended 4 stories up in the air.  For the most part the girls did ok although you could tell a lot of them were freaked out.  Kasey couldn’t wear her glasses so everyone was worried about her but she did well.  I’m not sure why she doesn’t have contacts if she wants to model.  She must have known she couldn’t always be ale to wear her glasses.

Next they had a photo shoot where they had to come up with a word that they were bullied/teased with.  Things like queer, giant, etc.  They had this word painted on their bodies along with an empowering word.  I was amazed that Ann, who just looking at her looks awkward looked awesome when she is all done up.  The other girl that stood out to me was Annamaria due to her attitude and her thinness.  I don’t know how tall she is but she must be at least 5’9″ and she’s only 110lbs.  She even told Jay she’s “trying” to get lean.  When he told her she didn’t need to try to get lean she said she didn’t care what others thought.  She knows what she sees in the mirror.  I think her body is scary thin looking and the fact that she thinks she needs to get “leaner” makes me think she might be anorexic.  Her attitude is totally off-putting as she talks a bout how no one else is competition and she is all that.

Kayla is a lesbian and her word was Queer.  She got very emotional about having that written all over her body but she looked breathtaking!  Her empowering word was Free.

Let me pause and just say here thank goodness Nigel is on the judging panel!  I totally missed him in the premiere.  I don’t know if I could watch without him there.

Anyway, back to the stand out pictures.  Terra was one of the weaker ones to me.  Rhiana’s picture didn’t look that great to me but her look is really interesting.

During the judging Tyra talks to Annamaria about her body because she said in a lot of the pictures her body looks unhealthy.  The judges tell her healthy is better but I think it went in one ear and out the other.

Of all the girls photos I liked Ann the best.  She is the super tall, I think 6’2″, girl who has actually been told she’s too tall to be a model.

The Decision

The first girl called up and best photo is Ann.  Runner up for best photo is Kayla.  Annamaria and Terra are in the bottom two.  I think Terra will go home but Tyra will want to lecture Annamaria about her body.

Tyra tells Annamaria they are afraid of the message her body will send to teenage girls.  And I was wrong!  They send Annamaria home.  Annamaria says unless she gets told by multiple agencies she is too thin she’s not going to change because she likes her body.

My thoughts

I agree that Annamaria’s body type sends a bad message to young girls.  Even if she isn’t anorexic she looks it and I would hate girls to think they have to be that thin to be beautiful.  Ann is the only one that really stands out in my mind so far.  Kayla took a nice picture but she only really stuck with me due to her emotional photo shoot.  What did you think?


America’s Next Top Model Cycle 15

I watched the premiere at 3am while feeding my son so forgive me if I get anything wrong.  It looks like there are several changes to this season.  First off the prizes are different.  Instead of a Cover Girl contract the winner will be on the cover of Italian Vogue and they will get a contract with IMG Models.  Tyra also said they are focusing on finding a high fashion model instead of just a pretty girl.

The show opens up with the girls on a bus in assigned seats and when they arrive in Palm Springs Ms. J and Mr. Jay tell them the girl they sat next to is their direct competition.  It turns out they lumped the girls into categories like blondes, brunettes, strong bone structure, awkward girls, etc.

Of course there is always drama.  One girl told her roommate that the girl next to her on the bus said she didn’t really want to be there and her roommate then proceeds to tell all the girls putting her on the spot for gossiping.  Then a girl from West Virginia writes in her diary “Almost got stuck rooming with a black girl, eww.”  Someone read her diary and then went and told one of the black girls who then confronted her about it.  When Miss West Virginia went before Tyra it comes up again and Miss WV claimed she didn’t mean it as racist but there was one girl she didn’t get along with who was black and she didn’t know er name so that is what she wrote in her diary.  First off it is wrong to say something like that but it’s also wrong to go snooping in someones diary.

The girls arrive at a garden party with a lot of industry names and are told only 20 of them are invited and the others are being sent home.  Once they are down to the 20 Jay pairs them up with who he thinks is their direct competition and the pairs do a photo shoot together to see who outshines the other.  After this photo shoot only 14 will continue on in the competition.

I don’t have the names straight yet but there are a few of the quirky looking ones that I actually really liked after their photo shoot.  Some of the notables one that did not make it was Miss West Virginia went home.  The beauty pageant girl who pretty admitted to being a rich-b**ch went home and there was one girl who was against “consumerism”, wouldn’t pay for a hair cut, etc. (what was she doing on ANTM then?) who ended up going home.  We will have to see in coming episodes who stands out.

**One note, where was Nigel?!  I love me some Nigel.

Reality TV Recap

So here is my short recap on what I thought of the last episodes of Amazing Race, American Idol, The Biggest Loser, Survivor and America’s Next Top Model.

Amazing Race

Talk about a shocking week in reality TV.  I love the cowboys but after they came in last on the last leg I thought unless they got lucky with flights they were probably going to go home.  Not only did they not go home but they managed to come in first!  This was a first in Amazing Race history.  Where they really pulled ahead was when the teams had to choose between balancing these huge poles on their heads and run across a field or carry these large incense poles up over a 100 stairs.  The cowboys whipped out the balancing task with almost no problems and really pulled ahead as every other team had to haul the incense poles up the stairs.

The cops are starting to grow on me so I was fine with them staying.  The lesbians are still really irritating.  I hate their negative attitude.  The father/daughter team were the ones to go home which was sad but I was ok with it.  They were nice but nothing that really grabbed me.


So not sure what is up with my DVR but it has not been recording Survivor for the past two weeks.  So both weeks I’ve only caught the last 15-20 minutes after putting my daughter to bed.  I don’t know how it happened but somehow Rob went home last week.  That seemed like the dumbest move the Villains could have made.  I don’t know if it was the thought that a merge was coming up or Russell just got tired of having Rob around and rallied up his alliance.  Either way it seemed like they took a stupid page out of the heroes book and went with alliance’s rather than thinking about winning the next week’s challenge.

So I have to admit I was not surprised to see the Villains lost again this week.  It looks like they had a physical immunity challenge and without Rob surprise, surprise, they lost.  I thought they might have woken up and realize the stupidity of their game play and vote out Courtney instead of another strong player but no they vote out Coach.  Yes, Coach is a nut case but physically he is much stronger than Courtney.  So unless next week is a merge or a puzzle immunity challenge then I see Villains going back to Tribal.

American Idol

Another shocking week in reality tv.  None of the singers really grabbed me this week but I was surprised when Mike and Andrew ended up in the bottom two.  Katie has improved but I still don’t see her at the caliber of the others and how Tim is still there is mind boggling.  When it came down to it I thought Andrew was going to go home since he hasn’t really had a great week since he sang Straight Up.  But nope, it was Michael.  No real surprise that the judges used their save to keep Mike in but now I’m wondering if all hell will break loose next week.  If anyone other than Tim and Katie go home next week it will be a shame.

The Biggest Loser

So if you missed last week’s episode two eliminated contestants are now back in the game.  Vicky, from the blue team, was voted back in by the other house guests because she never really had a chance to ever get in the house.  Melissa made it back in after finishing 1000 steps first.  I was so disappointed to see her back.  I hate her attitude.  She is all about game play instead of losing weight.

She just confirmed this in this week’s episode where Allison tells the contestants that at any point during the week they can try to weigh in and if they lost 2% of their body weight they win immunity.  You only get one chance and once someone does it that is it.  Melissa is talking about strategy and complaining how the other contestants aren’t thinking about the game.  If they were then they would have gotten rid of Sam last week.  Grrr, I wish she would just go home again.

In the end Sam won the immunity although with a 10lb weight loss I doubt he really needed it.  In the end Melissa ended up going home again.  Thank goodness!

America’s Next Top Model

I haven’t really gotten into this season and watch it with only half hearted interest which is why I haven’t really blogged about it before.  I had to give it a mention this week though because it was hilarious seeing the girls interact with Nigel.  They had a task where they had to try and break the ice with him playing the shy male model that they would have to shoot a steamy photo shoot with.  It was just so awkward to see all the girls with him.  Plus Nigel is such a hottie!

America’s Next Top Model Cycle 13 Finale

Tonight was the stomp off between Laura and Nicole for the America’s Next Top Model finale.  I have to admit when I look at the two of them they are not the ones I would picture as the finalists.  Personality-wise Laura seems to be the more likeable one but when we look at the pictures I think Nicole looked so much better.

We started off seeing the girls shooting their Cover Girl shots and commercials.  Laura seemed to do really well but Nicole looked like she stumbled.  Jay even said she sounded snooty.  On the other hand Tyra said she thought she was likeable.  For the Cover Girl shot I thought Laura’s was better but neither was as good as past finalists shots.

The Runway

At the fashion show the girls find out several of the other girls are returning to also walk in the show.  I kind of wonder if it was a cost cutting measure so they didn’t have to hire more models since you rarely got to really see the other girls.  On the runway Laura looked better to me.  Nicole’s walk was kind of hulking but the judges said at least it’s a signature walk.

So it looks like everything was leaning towards Laura.  Usually they seem to try and throw you off so I was wondering if Nicole might end up winning.

Yup, America’s Next Top Model is Nicole!