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Reality TV Recap

So here is my short recap on what I thought of the last episodes of Amazing Race, American Idol, The Biggest Loser, Survivor and America’s Next Top Model.

Amazing Race

Talk about a shocking week in reality TV.  I love the cowboys but after they came in last on the last leg I thought unless they got lucky with flights they were probably going to go home.  Not only did they not go home but they managed to come in first!  This was a first in Amazing Race history.  Where they really pulled ahead was when the teams had to choose between balancing these huge poles on their heads and run across a field or carry these large incense poles up over a 100 stairs.  The cowboys whipped out the balancing task with almost no problems and really pulled ahead as every other team had to haul the incense poles up the stairs.

The cops are starting to grow on me so I was fine with them staying.  The lesbians are still really irritating.  I hate their negative attitude.  The father/daughter team were the ones to go home which was sad but I was ok with it.  They were nice but nothing that really grabbed me.


So not sure what is up with my DVR but it has not been recording Survivor for the past two weeks.  So both weeks I’ve only caught the last 15-20 minutes after putting my daughter to bed.  I don’t know how it happened but somehow Rob went home last week.  That seemed like the dumbest move the Villains could have made.  I don’t know if it was the thought that a merge was coming up or Russell just got tired of having Rob around and rallied up his alliance.  Either way it seemed like they took a stupid page out of the heroes book and went with alliance’s rather than thinking about winning the next week’s challenge.

So I have to admit I was not surprised to see the Villains lost again this week.  It looks like they had a physical immunity challenge and without Rob surprise, surprise, they lost.  I thought they might have woken up and realize the stupidity of their game play and vote out Courtney instead of another strong player but no they vote out Coach.  Yes, Coach is a nut case but physically he is much stronger than Courtney.  So unless next week is a merge or a puzzle immunity challenge then I see Villains going back to Tribal.

American Idol

Another shocking week in reality tv.  None of the singers really grabbed me this week but I was surprised when Mike and Andrew ended up in the bottom two.  Katie has improved but I still don’t see her at the caliber of the others and how Tim is still there is mind boggling.  When it came down to it I thought Andrew was going to go home since he hasn’t really had a great week since he sang Straight Up.  But nope, it was Michael.  No real surprise that the judges used their save to keep Mike in but now I’m wondering if all hell will break loose next week.  If anyone other than Tim and Katie go home next week it will be a shame.

The Biggest Loser

So if you missed last week’s episode two eliminated contestants are now back in the game.  Vicky, from the blue team, was voted back in by the other house guests because she never really had a chance to ever get in the house.  Melissa made it back in after finishing 1000 steps first.  I was so disappointed to see her back.  I hate her attitude.  She is all about game play instead of losing weight.

She just confirmed this in this week’s episode where Allison tells the contestants that at any point during the week they can try to weigh in and if they lost 2% of their body weight they win immunity.  You only get one chance and once someone does it that is it.  Melissa is talking about strategy and complaining how the other contestants aren’t thinking about the game.  If they were then they would have gotten rid of Sam last week.  Grrr, I wish she would just go home again.

In the end Sam won the immunity although with a 10lb weight loss I doubt he really needed it.  In the end Melissa ended up going home again.  Thank goodness!

America’s Next Top Model

I haven’t really gotten into this season and watch it with only half hearted interest which is why I haven’t really blogged about it before.  I had to give it a mention this week though because it was hilarious seeing the girls interact with Nigel.  They had a task where they had to try and break the ice with him playing the shy male model that they would have to shoot a steamy photo shoot with.  It was just so awkward to see all the girls with him.  Plus Nigel is such a hottie!


The Biggest Loser 2/9

I missed recapping last week’s episode but the main surprises were that John the last of the brown team went home and Miggy was actually much more likeable without Migdalia around.  Miggy amazed me that she walked 13 miles the day after having her appendix out.  Talk about amazing.

This week’s episode was Olympic week.  They went to Colorado to stay at the Olympic training center and met a bunch of Olympians and Olympic hopefuls.  The other big change this week is they are no longer weighing in as teams. Everyone is on their own plus two people would be going home.  One person will fall below the red line and automatically goes home.  Two will fall below the yellow line and the house will vote on which one goes home.

One of the Olympic hopefuls they met was a speed skater who was making a comeback after a bad fall that ended up with his skate blade cutting deeply into his thigh.  That is my main fear about ice skating in general.   He demos the slide board on which one slides from side to side almost like you are skating.  Allison tells the contestants that the first 3 to slide back and forth 500 times will get an advantage this week.  Melissa starts off strong and leads the pack but starts to falter at the end.  So Sam ends up coming in first, Melissa second and Sunshine (yellow team) third.

The next challenge is a circuit course out in the snow with targets set up for each player.  They will all be given a “gun” and they have to run in a circle and choose someone’s target to hit.  After a person receives 5 hits they are out of the game.  The three winners from the previous competition find out their advantage is that Sam can give 3 “hits” to any player(s) he wants, Melissa 2 hits and Sunshine 1.  Both Melissa and Sunshine decide to target Sam so he goes in with 3 out of his 5 targets already hit.  In retaliation he gives Melissa two hits and sunshine one.  So Melissa said although the three of them were supposed to be have won an advantage they ended up at a disadvantage and basically shot themselves in the foot.  The winner of this competition gets immunity at the weigh in.  In the end O’neil (yellow team) ends up winning immunity.

The weigh in was another shocker.  A lot of them had a rough week with the traveling to Colorado and having their routine changed up but the most amazing was that Melissa gained a pound and ended up falling below the red line and going home.  Cheryl and Daryl fell below the yellow line and then Allison announces another surprise.  Instead of the house voting who goes home, the two of them will compete to see who goes home.  It turns out to be an endurance competition where they are basically crouched down balancing a lit torch on their heads.  Whoever lasts the longest gets to stay.  The show ends up with a cliff hanger so we don’t find out who wins.

I honestly don’t really care who goes home since both Sam and Koli are safe and they are the ones I’m rooting for.

The Biggest Loser 1/26

Ok, I have to admit I watched The Biggest Loser at the beginning and then took a long break and just started watching again last season but was there always this much drama on The Biggest Loser?  First off the red team.  Do they honestly believe anyone believes Melissa when she says she is not playing the game and threw her weigh ins when she had immunity?  Come on!  Really, get over it and just admit you are playing the game.  I do admire Jillian for sticking to her guns and not backing down from what she believes.  I feel like Bob took the easy way out and this is the second time he’s done that this season.  I’m giving him the benefit of the doubt that the producers are pushing him to be the nicer one since they like having Jillian being abrasive but they need to keep the players on the ranch.

Then the green team.  Their attitude is so frustrating and they are so abrasive.  I really think their attitude in the long run is going to hurt them.  After a challenge the red team gave the green team a 2lb disadvantage which of course sucks but the attitude the green team threw was out of line I think.  Then at the weigh in they fell below the yellow line and again they attacked the red team even though the 2lb disadvantage didn’t make a difference and they would have fell under the yellow line anyway.  Then when when they went in front of the rest of the house again they had attitude and Migdalia just said she wanted to go home and that’s it.  She wouldn’t go into any real reasons why and both she and her mom stood there angry, with their arms crossed and just giving off waves of anger.  Honestly I think both Migdalia and her mom are a negative vibe in the house and it will be better when they are gone.

As for the rest of the show, I still love the gray team.  They just seem like such sweet guys and I loved that they won the reward competition to call home.  They worked great together and really encouraged one another.  They had the choice to give 3 other teams the chance to call home as well.  They chose the red team who came in second because they said they missed their mom and they understood how hard it was for both parents to be on the show and leave their kids behind.  They also gave John the phone call because he lost his brother early on and he also has a young son at home.  The third one to get a phone call was Migdalia so she could talk to her husband and kids.  I actually teared up watching some of their phone calls.

In the end Migdalia went home even though the teams were split.  Some felt Migdalia needed to stay but most honored the green team’s wishes and sent her home.  Should be interesting to see how next week goes.

The Biggest Loser 1/19/10

I just finished watching yesterday’s episode of The Biggest Loser and boy was this an interesting episode.  The twist for this week was teacher/student.  Only one person from each team would train with Bob and Jillian and would have to train their partner and only the weight loss of the student would count in the final weigh in.  First off the pink team won a temptation challenge for the price of just 10 calories.  Their prize was able to choose who was going to be the student and teacher for each team.   This pissed off Migdalia from the green team but when confronted by Bob and Gillian she refused to admit it.

This eventually lead to a confrontation as Jillian tried to get Migdalia admit to some emotional issues she had.  Migdalia got pissed because she felt like Jillian was saying she was a bad mom and her own mom was a bad mom.  She threatened to walk off the show.  Bob goes to talk to her and calms her down.  It seemed to me he kind of threw Jillian under the bus since he was the one who prompted Jillian to push Migdalia but I guess the goal was to just keep Migdalia in the house.  I just hope Jillian knew what Bob was going to do.  I actually agree with what Jillian said though.  She said the likelihood of Migdalia’s daughter ending up overweight unless she changes was high and Migdalia disagreed.  I totally agreed with Jillian on that point.

The second piece of drama started to show near the end where they show Michael from the white team slacking off during the workouts.  Granted his mom was the “student” but everyone else was still working off.  So a lot of the other teams got irritated by his attitude.   When the white team falls below the yellow line at least two teams admitted wanting to vote him off instead of his mom despite Michael’s mom’s plea to let him stay.  In the end most of the teams honored Maria’s wish despite their irritation with Michael.

The third piece of drama came up when the red team weighed in.  Lance was the student so his weigh in and he did great but Melissa only lost 1 lb.  This was on top of her 1lb gain last week.  Bob and Jillian were pissed and felt she did it on purpose.  Melissa blows up and says she did not throw the week but I doubt anyone believed her.  It’s hard to imagine after a 1lb gain last week and if she really worked out and followed the eating plan that she would only lose 1lb this week.  Lance didn’t make a comment and I couldn’t tell if he was mad at Jillian and Bob for calling Melissa a liar or upset at Melissa.

I understand why Maria wanted Michael to stay but I think unless Michael’s attitude changes he’s not going to make it with a permanent weight loss.  As for Melissa I think she threw the week but guess we’ll see next week.