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Catching up on Glee

I’ve fallen behind on Glee so not sure when this episode aired but I’m loving seeing the Glee members having to spend 3 hours a day in wheel chairs to see how Artie feels.  If anyone ever tried that I would give them props.  I can’t imagine wheeling yourself around can be easy if you are not used to it and built up the muscles for it.

Quinn is pissing me off with her attitude and Puck is totally growing on me.   His methods to try and support Quinn were a little misguided but that just maded it that much cuter.  I love how he wants to support his own child.

I was also impressed with how supportive Kurt’s dad was when Kurt wanted to sing the lead in a song that is traditionally sang by a female.  He actually goes in to talk to the principal that it’s not fair to not give Kurt a chance.  So Will lets Kurt and Emma audition for the role.

I know Emma is supposed to be so difficult she’s funny but she just irritates me with her self-centeredness.  At auditions I was surprised how good Kurt sounded!  I’m bummed that he threw the audition but it was sweet to see the support between both he and his dad.

I swear my jaw dropped when I saw Sue with her sister who was handicapped.  She was actually human and sweet!

I think this is the most recent episode..

Short story. Puck tells Mercedes he’s the father of Quinn’s baby and she tells him to back off. Finn’s mom finds out Quinn’s pregnant. Finn feels the need to tell Quinn’s parents so they kick her out and she goes to live with Finn.  Emma has a crush on Will.  Kurt has a crush on Finn.

I felt sorry for Puck.  I honestly would like to see him with Quinn.  Still not liking Emma.  Can’t believe Finn told Quinn’s parents and that they were so cruel to toss her out.  I still think Finn is a doofus and not the one I would pick as to spend my life with.