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Olympics-1500 meter Short Track

I love the short track events during the Winter Olympics and I’ll admit the biggest draw for me is watching Apolo Ohno and the Koreans.  It’s always exciting and you never really know what may happen.  Someone in first or second place can be taken out in a moment changing up the whole race.

As for Apolo Ohno, I can’t believe he is 27 now.  I remember seeing him at his first Olympics and thinking he was so young and now they mention that he is a little old to still be competing.  They even mention that a lot of the coaches he sees in the coaches box are people he skated against in the past.

Tonight’s race was the 1500 meter.  In the first heat I thought the Korean waited too long to make his move and he barely came in second.  American, Jordan Malone, gets disqualified in his heat and Apolo wins his heat with no problem.  He hung in last place until almost the end of the race and nicely moved up to the front.

Semifinals heat

Apolo is in the first semifinal heat.  At the start Apolo starts in last place as usual.  He quickly starts making his way up and finishes in second place.  There was a review of if Apolo pushed the Lee Jung-Su from Korea but he was cleared and he and Lee move on with the Canadian hopeful being edged out in third.

American J.R. Celski was in the third semifinal heat.  I recognize him from The Biggest Loser.  Apparently he was involved in an accident that ended with his skate cutting deeply into his thigh.  This event is his first time competing since the Olympic tryouts and he made a nice showing qualifying for the finals.


There are 3 Koreans and 2 Americans in the finals so it should be interesting.   In the start the Chinese and Canadian start in first.  Then Apolo moves up to first with JR Celski moving up as well.  There is a lot of moving taking place. In the last lap Apolo goes from second to fourth and it looks like he’s out of the medal contention but two of the Koreans take each other out and Apolo moves into second and Celski into third!  Lee Jung-Su takes the gold.  Ouch, the Koreans go from having the podium locked up and then this happens.  Apolo gets his 6th Olympic medal equally Bonnie Blair.