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Sanctuary Episode “Haunted”

This episode opens up with John back and helping to transport South African empaths whose ship is going down out of range of any of the Sanctuary’s rescue crews.  From the beginning you can see something is wrong with John.  After the rescue one of the empaths comes across John in the Sanctuary and mentions seeing a darkness controlling him.  This triggers John into killing her and then he goes on to try and kill Magnus and Kate.  Magnus uses some sort of weapon that kills John and as she tries to resuscitate him there is a power surge as he comes back to life.   As the various Sanctuary members are spread out in the castle the security measures start going haywire and traps them in separate parts of the castle.

It turns out that the power surge was some sort of evil, killing being that was living in John until it was “shocked”  out of him.  In order to stop it from killing everyone in the Sanctuary John offers himself back up to house the energy again to try and minimize it’s ability to kill.  My DVR cut off the last few minutes but it was sad to see John struggle between wanting to be good and wanting to return to his evil, Jack the Ripper persona.

I was glad to see John back.  After they got rid of Ashley I thought the show was going down hill.  Still not a fan of Kate but it’s nice to see John back.


Sanctuary November 20 Spoilers

Episode: Veritas

When I first started watching this episode I swear I was getting ready to swear off Sanctuary.  First they kill off Ashley which ticked me off to no end and tried to replace her with Kate Freelander.  Then they start off this episode by killing off the big guy.  Come on!  I don’t care for Kate and I don’t care for the British guy (can’t even recall his name).

Anyway, the evidence points to Magnus as the killer of Big Guy so she is put under house arrest and a psychic triad is called in to interrogate her.  They find evidence that Magnus has slowly been mentally deteriorating and this is why she killed Big Guy.  Will believes she is innocent and tries to clear her.  First he thinks it’s a conspiracy between the British guy who wants to take over as head of the sanctuary if Magnus is found guilty.  In the end we find out that Big Guy is still alive and Magnus put a special beetle in her to simulate the symptoms of madness all to trap the triad.  Turns out they were trying to steal an abnormal who was much more dangerous than any other abnormals they currently have.

I’m not clear on how Will works it all out and opens up Big Guy’s crypt to find his body gone.  I might have missed it since I was also doing something else.

I’m still bitter about Ashley but since the Big Guy is still alive I will keep watching.  I would like to see Ashley’s dad and the vampire back.  The episodes were much more fun with them.  So far I am disappointed with this season after starting off with 2 great episodes.