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So You Think You Can Dance Finale

I finally got a chance to catch up on the Supernatural finale.  After Tuesdays dances I was really unsure who would win.  I love Russell and thought he has been amazing through out the competition but Kathryn really blew me away.  For the past few weeks I thought she has been doing great and I loved almost every single one of her dances.  I seriously thought she was competition for Jakob who I thought was the leader of the pack.

For the actual finale I didn’t care much for the guest performances.  Mary J Blige was pretty good but I wasn’t impressed with Leona Lewis, Adam from American Idol or Jennifer Lopez.   During one of the performances apparently Russell hurt his leg so he wasn’t able to dance when the judges started choosing their favorite dances from the season.

They started narrowing down who the winner was.  Ryan came in sixth which I totally agreed with.  Then went Ashleigh, Ellenore, Kathryn and then there was only Jakob and Russell left.  I was a little surprised at this point.  As much as I love Russell I thought Kathryn might have surpassed him in popularity in the past couple weeks.   Then Russell was announced as the winner!  Woohoo!  I was really happy with the order of the final six.


So You Think You Can Dance December 9

So what did you guys think of the finalists that made it to the finale?  I for one am happy.  I agreed that both Ryan and Legacy should have been in the bottom 2 for the guys and Legacy should have been the one to go.  I think Ryan should go next.

For the girls there seems to be a little more controversy going on.  Some have said that they felt Ashleigh should have gone since she didn’t dance due to her injury.  I for one am glad Ashleigh stayed.  I thought she was one of the consistently strongest female dancers this season.  I have to say I was surprised since both she and Mollee were not favorites of mine at the beginning.  But I really think Ashleigh does a good job so why should she be punished for missing one dance?  I think a lot of the other women-Noelle, Ellenore, Mollee and Kathryn have been hit or miss through out the season.  Yes, Mollee and Kathryn did awesome on Tuesday night’s show and if we went based solely on that night sure they both deserved to stay.    But for me I look at what I thought of their dancing through out the season and I think Ashleigh deserves to be in the finale as long as she can still perform.  That said I was slightly bummed to see Mollee go instead of Ellenore.  Initially I found Mollee’s dancing to remind me too much of a cheerleader but in the last couple shows she has really seemed to blossom.  I’m not sure if it’s due to her different partners or not but I thought she was doing a great job. 

What are your thoughts on what happened?  Should Ashleigh have been cut automatically?

So You Think You Can Dance Results November 18

SYTYCD is one of those shows I watch off and on from season to season.  Since I’ve been a total tv addict this season I have been following this show.  I have to put a disclosure out that I cannot dance to save my life and know nothing about technical skills.  My opinions are just my gut feeling about how I liked the dancing.

Tonight’s opening dance was not one of my favorites.  I just found it too strange.

So who are the bottom three? So far my favorites are Ashleigh and Russell.

  • I’m glad to see Ashleigh and her partner are safe.
  • Kevin and Karen are in the bottom 3
  • I don’t care for Ashleigh’s husband as much but he and his partner are safe.
  • Noelle and Russell (go Russell!!) are safe.  Yay!
  • Channing and Victor (no real strong feelings for either of them.  I didn’t think they were that good but not horrible.) are in the bottom three
  • Mollee and Nathan (I don’t know why but I don’t like these two even though everyone else seems to be crazy about them) are in the bottom three
  • Kathryn and Legacy (like Legacy and Kathryn is ok) are safe

Next up was a Bollywood routine.  I’m always a sucker for these routines.  They just look like so much fun!

For the solos:

  • Karen is up first.  She was ok but didn’t really grab me
  • Kevin-I enjoyed his dance but I tend to like that style
  • Channing-the rhythm felt off to me.  I liked her dancing but for me it just didn’t work with the music
  • Victor was meh
  • Mollee’s dance for some reason just reminded me of a cheerleading routine rather than a dance
  • I actually really liked Nathan’s dance. Maybe it’s just when he’s dancing with Mollee that I don’t care for him

The judges go back to deliberate while a band performs. I couldn’t catch their name but I really liked them.  Will have to look it up or if anyone knows please let me know.

The Results

Nigel says they were unanimous on both the girls and guys elimination.  He praises Mollee and tells her she moves on.  He tells Channing that technique-wise she did well but she wasn’t really gripping as a performer.  So she ends up going home and Karen stays.  I was fine either way but I thought Channing was the better dancer.

Nathan is the first to find out he is safe.  Victor is safe and Kevin is eliminated.  A little disappointed but still happy my favorites are still in.