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Supernatural Season 4

So I’m a little confused over what is going on.  Castiel got pulled back to Heaven and when he comes back he is all bitter and all about Heaven now.  During the fight to save Castiel Dean finds out Sam is drinking demon’s blood.  He and Bobby lock him up to try and detox him but Castiel lets him out for some reason.  Anna comes to him and questions him but the jerk turned her in to the other angels.  I don’t know if they just took her away or if they killed her.

It’s killing me that I’m watching the last disc of season 4.  I hope I get to find out what is going on with Sam, Ruby, Castiel, etc but I have a feeling I’ll be left hanging since I heard in season 5 they were still seperated.  What the heck is going to happen!

Ok, so I’ve been slacking about blogging but I did finally finish season 4 and boy what an ending!  I still wish the old Ruby was around (I know, I know, let it go) but it was kind of funny in a sick way to see the shock on Sam’s face when he found out Ruby betrayed him.  He was really getting on my nerves.  I was sad about Castiel getting killed off though.  Can’t wait to see what happens now that Armageddon is here.


Supernatural Season 4-Sex with a fallen angel?!

Did that title get your attention?  Wow, I didn’t realize before now even with all the references to Dean and the girls he sleeps with they have not shown a love scene with him in it.  Talk about sexy!  Have I mentioned I love Dean Winchester?  Anyway, apparently they rescued a fallen angel and if they don’t hand her over to the “good” angels they will throw Dean back to hell.

Oh and to confuse things even more we found out that Ruby and Sam got it on together when Dean was gone.  Anyway, one of the demons tortures Ruby to find out where the brothers are hiding the fallen angel and they show up at the same time as the angel Castiel(sp?) and his side kick.  So they start to duke it out for Anna, the fallen angel.  And come on. I expected more than punching and throwing each other against the wall but anyway in the melee Anna gets her grace back and escapes.

At the end Dean finally tells Sam what happened when he was in hell.  It turns out after 30 years of torture Dean agreed to a deal that to get off the rack he would torture other souls.  Poor guy was torn up over it but Sam tells him most people would not have lasted 30 years.

Then to make things worse a few episodes later the angels call in Dean to torture a demon to try and find out how the demons managed to kill a bunch of angels.  While he’s gone we see another side to Sam and Ruby.  Sam drinks Ruby’s blood to become strong enough to save Dean.  The smile Ruby gave while Sam was drinking makes me wonder about her again.  She’s up to something with Sam.

In the end we find out it was Castiel’s angel partner who was killing the angels who would not side with him to release Lucifer.  Castiel fights him and the “fallen” angel, Anna helps to kill the traitor demon.  Have I mentioned how sexy Castiel is becoming?  I am really starting to love him.

Supernatural Season 4

So Dean is back as expected but whoa what’s the deal with Sam?  And let me just say I preferred the old Ruby.  This new one sounds pretty pansy.  She always sounds scared.  At least the old one had attitude.  I watched the episodes in a row so I don’t recall what happened in which but a being claiming to be an angel of god apparently rescued Dean and Ruby is scared.  Then something starts happening where hunters are being killed by the ghosts of people that were killed because the hunters could not rescue them or put them in the path of harm.

Turns out Lilith broke a seal that brought these ghosts back.  The angel helping Dean tells him that this is just the first step towards Armageddon.  In I think the third episode the angel takes Dean back to the past where he meets his mom, dad and grandparents.  He is surprised to find out his mom was a hunter but in the end makes a deal with the yellow eyed demon after he kills her boyfriend(the boys father).  Yet he could not stop any of it.  The angel tells Dean now he knows what they know but no one knows what the yellow eyed demon’s final plan was.  He tells Dean that Sam is going down a dangerous road and he needs to stop him before they do.

I’m thinking this is all about how Ruby is showing Sam how to kill demons just using his mind.  I swear, every time I see Ruby I dislike her more and more.  I wasn’t a big fan on the episodes about the flesh eating monster and the black and white shape shifter episode.

I finally get to the episode where Sam is telling Dean about what happened between he and Ruby.  And ugh!  So wrong.

Supernatural Season 3 Finale Rant

I watched the last disc for Supernatural Season 3 and don’t have time to do a full recap but let me just say I am bummed that not only did they kill Dean (I know he will come back somehow but still) to add to that they got rid of Ruby AND Bella.  I liked both of them.  The only thing they could do to make it worse is to kill Bobby.

Please tell me somehow either Ruby or Bella come back in future seasons?  I cannot wait to start season 4.

Supernatural Season 3 Disc 3-4

Disc 3

A Very Supernatural Christmas

People start disappearing right before Christmas and it looks like they are being dragged up the chimney.  The brothers initially think it’s an anti-Santa Claus but they soon find out that is wrong.  They finally narrow down that all the victims had bought the same Christmas wreath and it’s two pagan gods who are taking the people as sacrifices.  Sam and Dean get captured while investigating the home of the pagan gods but manage to escape and kill them.  A side story is Dean trying to convince Sam that they should celebrate Christmas this year since it will be his last Christmas.    Sam is against it but in the end gives in.

I swear this was such a coincidence in timing to see this right after Thanksgiving and before Christmas.  Talk about giving you nightmares right before the holidays though.

Malleus Maleficarum

This episode starts off with a husband and wife being killed by a witch.  Sam and Dean figure out the witch who killed them but when they find her she’s been killed by another witch.  It turns out they are dealing with a coven that is being led by a demon.  The demon is about to kill them all but Sam’s demon girlfriend, Ruby, rescues them.  Dean finds out that she was once human and that all demons were once human but forgot what it was like to be human.  She approaches Dean afterwards to help prepare Sam to be able to fight once Dean is gone.  She also tells him that eventually he will turn out just like these other demons and forget his humanity.

I really liked this episode.  Maybe because I like Ruby and am curious to see what her agenda really is.  She claimed at the end she is trying to help Sam because she remembers what it was like to be human and wants to save Sam.  I also can’t believe when she says there is no way to save Dean.  Come on!  We gotta save Dean.

Dream a Little Dream of Me

Bobby is in a coma and Sam and Dean are trying to fin dout what happened.  It turns out that a guy who was participating in a dream study got hooked on the dream root and trapped Bobby in a nightmare when he was starting to get on his case.  Sam and Dean go into his dream to get him out.  They need to contact Bella to get the root that is needed to dream walk.  She comes and helps them out but ends up stealing their colt.

I thought this episode kind of sucked.

Disc 4

Mystery Spot

Sam and Dean get stuck in a Groundhog’s day situation in which only Sam realizes what is going on.  In each Tuesday Dean dies and Sam needs to figure out how to stop it.

This episode was amusing but not the greatest.  It was interesting to see how crazy Sam really goes once Dean dies.

Jus in Bello

Sam and Dean break into where Bella was staying to try and get the colt back.  She calls the cops on them and they get taken to prison.  The FBI agent tracking them shows up but gets possessed by a demon and they are under seige by demons.  They manage to exorcise the demon from the FBI agent and he now believes in demons.  Ruby shows up and finds out the colt is missing and the only way to get rid of all the demons is to kill a virgin and get rid of them all including Ruby.  Dean refuses and says they will fight instead.  Ruby leaves rather than watch them die.  They let all the demons in, trap them inside the building and exorcise them using the PA system.  One demon manages to escape and tell Lilith, the demon after Sam.  After Sam and Dean leave Lilith shows up and kills all the survivors.

I want to know what the deal is with Bella.  She claims that she isn’t in this just to sell the colt.   I am also shocked that Sam was willing to let Ruby kill the virgin.  This was a cool episode.  Ruby was actually willing to kill herself to save the brothers which is curious.  I thought she had a hidden agenda but maybe she really is just looking out for Sam.


Synopsis from the CW website:

Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean (Jensen Ackles) take a break from their usual gig to star in a gritty reality show called “Ghostfacers” which chronicles the pursuit of the paranormal. Ed Zeddmore (guest star A. J. Buckley) and Harry Spengler (guest star Travis Wester) have created a radically different and sometimes violent show full of profanity that takes them to the Morton Mansion, an abandoned estate which becomes one of the most haunted places in America one night each year.

However, as their team begins to get picked off in grisly manners not fit for television, they realize they are in over their heads.

This episode was the worst so far.  I didn’t like the original one with these ghost buster guys and this one had me almost skipping the episode.  They tried to do this Blair Witch Project thing with the cameras which I hate.

Supernatural Season 3 Disc 1-2

Disc 1 contains episodes: The Magnificient Seven, The Kids Are Alright, Bad Day at Black Rock

The Magnificient Seven

This episode picks up after the end of season 2 where Dean and Sam released a bunch of demons from Hell.  Turns out a few of the demons were the seven deadly sins that possessed humans.  While hunting Dean, Sam and Bobby meets up with a married hunter couple.   They manage to defeat the demons but this is just the beginning of the war.  Bobby is worried that these demons they released are a lot more powerful than anything else they have ever faced before.  One twist is a woman starts following Sam around and in the end saves his butt.  We never find out who she is though.

I really enjoyed this episode.  There were its funny moments as Dean is sure trying to live life to the fullest in his last year of life.

The Kids Are Alright

Dean wants to return to a town where he had a fling with a woman 8 or 9 years ago.  It turns out she has a 8 year old son that Dean suspects are his.   While there they find out that te children in town are slowly being replaced with changelings that feed on their moms and are killing anyone that gets in their way.  Fortunately the children are still alive and being held by the mother changeling.  Sam and Dean manage to rescue the children and Dean finds out that te boy is not his son.  The episode ends with the mystery woman from last episode showing up and telling Sam to check out what happened to his mom’s friends.  It turns out they are all dead.  He contacts the girl and she reveals that she is a demon but she wants to help find out what is up with him and that she might be able to help save Dean.

This episode really hit me hard and freaked me out because of the kids.  I have a daughter of my own and can’t imagine what I would do in this case.  The changeling kids have reflections that reflect their true selves and the moms see these reflections and are starting to go mad.  One mother even tries to kill her daughter.  That would kill me.  I cannot wait to find out what happens with this mystery girl/demon.

Bad Day at Black Rock

The hunter that tried to kill Sam, Gordon, is still in jail but he has a hunter buddy who comes to tell him about the demons being let out of hell.  Gordon tells the hunter that Sam needs to die.  That hunter gathers a buddy to go after Sam.  I love the line this hunter gives when the other is looking at a Jesus statue-Don’t play with my Jesus.  Don’t know why but that cracked me up. Anyway, while they are trying to find Sam Dean and Sam find out someone broke into their dad’s storage unit of protected items and steals a lucky rabbit’s foot.  Turns out the foot is cursed so when the holder loses the foot they end up dying.  Sam touches the foot and then has the foot stolen from him.  So they need to figure out a way to break the curse and get the foot back.

This episode cracked me up.  I love when Sam had his bad luck and lost his shoe.  The pathetic look on his face was priceless.  Then when Dean has the rabbit’s foot and uses his luck to save Sam was hilarious.  This hunter friend of Gordon though is a nut case.  Apparently he thinks he is on a mission from God to kill Sam.

Disc 2 contains: Sin City, Bed Time Stories, Red Sky at Morning and Fresh Blood.

Sin City

A town went from a normal town to basically a sin city.  Dean meets up with an old friend who ends up getting killed by a demon.  When Dean goes after the demon he traps her in one of those protective circles but she causes a cave in that traps both of them.  While waiting to see if Sam makes it to them first or if another demon rescues the girl they start talking.  He finds out that the demons they let out are in chaos since they killed the Yellow Eyes demon and Sam is taking over as the demon leader.  Sam and Bobby together with the help of the demon girl that seems to be protecting Sam rescue Dean.

So I’m wondering if this girl is helping Sam and Dean to hunt down the other demons so that she can take over leading the demon hordes?  I really do hope they figure out some way to save Dean.  I love him and by far he is my favorite brother.

Bed Time Stories

Sam and Dean are investigating a number of murders that seem to be from fairy tales.  They find out that a young girl who was poisoned by her step-mother is in a coma is acting out the fairy tales her father is reading to her.  She is angry that no one is listening to her about what happened.  Sam finally convinces her dad that he needs to listen to what she is trying to say.  Once he acknowledges what happened the girl’s spirit moves on and the killings stop.

The episode finally ends with Sam calling the crossroads demon and threatens to kill her unless she releases Dean.  This demon finally drops a name of the demon helping Sam.  Apparently her name is Ruby.  The cross road demon lets Sam know that even if he kills her, her boss owns the contract Dean made so the deal is still valid.  Shockingly Sam ends up killing the demon.

This was not one of my favorites but it was still an interesting episode.   The ending was a total surprise to me when Sam shoots the crossroad demon.  Is his darker side taking over?

Red Sky at Morning

The brothers are investigating a series of deaths by drowning on land.  Turns out each victim saw a ghost ship before their deaths.  While investigating they run across the same woman who tried to steal the lucky rabbit’s foot a couple episodes back(I think her name is Bella) and end up working together.  They find out they need the hand of a sailor who died long ago to stop the spirit.  They steal the hand but then Bella steals it from them and sells it.  After she gets the money she sees the ship and goes running to the brothers for help.  The brothers have found out that the spirit goes after people who have killed another family member but Bella refuses to tell her story.  Not sure how they do it but somehow they come up with a ritual to save Bella without the hand.  I guess they summoned the ghost’s brother and that takes care of the ghost.

This episode didn’t really grab me although I was distracted doing work.  I like Bella but the story itself wasn’t that great.

Fresh Blood

This episode opens up with the crazy hunter, Gordon, approaching Bella to find out where the brothers are.  They make a deal for their current location.  In the mean time the brothers have captured a girl who didn’t know she was turned into a vampire.  Turns out this guy vampire’s nest was wiped out by hunters so he’s feeding blood to girls telling them it’s a drug.  While Sam and Dean try to rescue another victim, Gordon and his hunter buddy show up.  Everyone scatters and Sam and Dean manage to get away but Gordon gets captured by the vampire.  As revenge for all the vampires he killed the vampire changes Gordon into one.  Gordon kills his hunting partner after he refuses to let Gordon go after Sam using his vampire powers.  In the showdown Sam ends up literally popping Gordon’s head off using some barbed wire.

I am really starting to like this Bella and I am sooo glad Gordon is gone.  He was a total whack job.  Can’t wait to get the next disc in!

Supernatural Season 2 Disc 3

Just a little background.  A couple of my fellow book bloggers actually got me hooked on Supernatural so I’ve been ordered every season to catch up so I can watch the latest season.  This was the last disc I needed to watch in season 2.  Somehow when I ordered season 2 disc 3 ended up being the last one to come in so I’ve actually watched discs 4-6. Watching disc 2 explained a couple things I was wondering about. Namely what did Sam and Dean’s dad tell Sam before he died and who was that girl who had visions like Sam but disappeared.

Contains episodes: Croatoan, Hunted and Playthings


Sam has a vision of Dean shooting a guy who has been tied up and is claiming to be innocent. So they set off for Oregon to try and find him. In town Sam notices the word Croatoan carved into a pole in the town and they speculate over why it’s there. When they get to the guys house they notice something suspicious going on and rescue the mom after her husband and son have tied her up and beaten her. They were trying to pour their blood into one of her open wounds. Turns out the whole town is going crazy and trying to infect anyone they come across. Sam and Dean as well as a few other towns people take refuge in the medical clinic. The doctor finds out from some blood tests that these people have sulfur in their blood. At one point Sam gets attack and the person tries to infect him. Sam begs Dean to kill him or let him kill himself before he goes crazy from this sickness. Dean refuses to and tells the doctor and two other refugees to leave town. The three people leave but are soon back as they find that everyone in town has disappeared. After several hours pass they also find that Sam is sickness free and appears to be immune. The episode ends with one of the refugees killing the other survivors and we see that he is really demon possessed.

I really enjoyed Croatoan and the story behind the real Croatoan mystery has always fascinated me. The ending was a surprise to me. I love Dean as usual but he seemed much more high strung and twitchy in this episode.


Dean finally tells Sam that their father told him before he died that he needs to look out for Sam and if needed to kill him. This pushes Sam over the edge wanting to know what that meant and if it means he will turn evil one of these days. Dean wants to take a break from demon hunting so Sam sneaks off on his own. In the meantime we see a vision of Sam sneaking into a house and getting blown to bits. At first I thought it was a dream of Sam’s but it turns out there is another girl, Ava, who has these premonition dreams and she manages to find Sam and warn him. It turns out her vision was of Sam trying to rescue Dean from a fellow hunter, Gordon, who has taken Dean as bait to try and lure Sam in so he can kill him. Gordon believes that Sam and these other people with these special powers are going to turn evil eventually so it’s better to kill them all now. Thanks to Ava’s vision Sam manages to avoid Gordon’s booby trap, rescue Dean and also called in an anonymous tip to the police that ends up getting Gordon arrested.

Hunted was not one of my favorite episodes. I never did like Gordon but it was funny seeing what happens to him in the end. I love episodes with Ellen and Ash in them so that was one plus even if it was a brief appearance.


Ellen tells the brothers about a pair of suspicious deaths at a hotel that is up for sale. When they get there they find out the two people killed were both involved in the closing of the hotel and when another man involved in the sale is killed they race to find out what is going on. The owner’s daughter has a bunch of dolls and a dollhouse that seems to foretell each of the deaths by re-enacting the deaths right before or as they happen. It turns out that the owner’s daughter has an imaginary friend who is really a ghost of a girl who drowned in the hotel pool. She is killing these people to try and keep the little girl at the hotel. Towards the end she pushes the girl into the pool to kill her and trap her spirit but the little girl is saved when her grandmother offers to remain with the ghost (who we find out is actually her older sister) instead.

Playthings reminded me of why I hate dolls. They have always creeped me out and even when I was younger I never wanted a doll. The ones who have the eyes that open and close are the worst. So yes, this episode freaked me out. Probably neck and neck with the episode about the killer clown. I was about to think you can’t kill that little girl at the end and was relieved with how the story ended up.

CW Synopsis: