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Survivor Premiere

In case you missed this season’s twist one tribe is made up of 40+ year olds and the other with 30 and younger folks.  Initially they had everyone divided into two groups walking to Jeff but they weren’t divided into old and young yet.  Everyone assumed the group they walked in with was their tribe.  When they get to Jeff he tells them there is a necklace that will provide a huge advantage in the game to the tribe of the person who finds it.  They all take off running and I believe the girl’s name who finds the necklace is Brenda.  At first one of the older guys who thinks he is on her tribe is stoked until Jeff drops the bomb about the actual tribe makeups.

Then Jeff makes an offer.  Brenda’s tribe (the younguns) can keep the medallion and secret power or give it to the other tribe and instead get fishing gear and fire.  They go with the gear and fire.  At the younguns camp first impression is of Jud the “dumb blond” as he immediately steps on a hook or something, gets pinched by a crab and then looks like he is going to kill himself using the machete.  One of the guys nicknames Jud, Fabio.  Kelly B. tells everyone about her artificial leg and immediately becomes a target because no one wants to go against her in the final two.  She and one other girl get lucky while checking tree mail and get a clue to the location of the hidden immunity idol.  They can’t figure it out so they end up hiding it.

At the other camp Jimmy Johnson is becoming a target since he is a former NFL coach.  Wendy is an oddball and I personally find her voice annoying.

Immunity Challenge

They find out the medallion helps the tribe that holds it in challenges.  So for the immunity challenge the tribes need to form a conduit from the top of a platform to a bucket and one member will pour water down it until it fills up a larger bucket enough to release puzzle pieces.  Then four members need to assemble the puzzle.  If the older tribe uses the medallion they get a free bucket of water.  Jeff says it takes about 4-5 buckets to fill the large bucket so it’s a huge advantage.  But if they use it then they have to give the medallion to the other tribe.  They decide not to use it.

Throughout most of the challenge they are neck and neck but the youngsters manage to assemble their puzzle faster and win immunity.

The Scrambling

One of the guys, I think his name is Marty, wants to vote out Jimmy J. because he sees him as a threat because he’s a natural leader and could win the game.  Jimmy J. claims if he goes to the end no jury would give him the money and he’s here just for the adventure.  He tells one of the girls they need to keep the tribe strong and the two weakest members are himself and Wendy.

Tribal Council

Wendy kind of loses it at tribal council and starts babbling about why they should keep her but instead digs her own grave.  She ends up getting voted out unanimously.

My thoughts

No one initially stands out as the one I want to root for.  I don’t think Jimmy J. is going to last much longer and I feel bad for Kelly B. already having a target on her back.  Fabio looks like he might provide some amusement though.


Reality TV Recap

So here is my short recap on what I thought of the last episodes of Amazing Race, American Idol, The Biggest Loser, Survivor and America’s Next Top Model.

Amazing Race

Talk about a shocking week in reality TV.  I love the cowboys but after they came in last on the last leg I thought unless they got lucky with flights they were probably going to go home.  Not only did they not go home but they managed to come in first!  This was a first in Amazing Race history.  Where they really pulled ahead was when the teams had to choose between balancing these huge poles on their heads and run across a field or carry these large incense poles up over a 100 stairs.  The cowboys whipped out the balancing task with almost no problems and really pulled ahead as every other team had to haul the incense poles up the stairs.

The cops are starting to grow on me so I was fine with them staying.  The lesbians are still really irritating.  I hate their negative attitude.  The father/daughter team were the ones to go home which was sad but I was ok with it.  They were nice but nothing that really grabbed me.


So not sure what is up with my DVR but it has not been recording Survivor for the past two weeks.  So both weeks I’ve only caught the last 15-20 minutes after putting my daughter to bed.  I don’t know how it happened but somehow Rob went home last week.  That seemed like the dumbest move the Villains could have made.  I don’t know if it was the thought that a merge was coming up or Russell just got tired of having Rob around and rallied up his alliance.  Either way it seemed like they took a stupid page out of the heroes book and went with alliance’s rather than thinking about winning the next week’s challenge.

So I have to admit I was not surprised to see the Villains lost again this week.  It looks like they had a physical immunity challenge and without Rob surprise, surprise, they lost.  I thought they might have woken up and realize the stupidity of their game play and vote out Courtney instead of another strong player but no they vote out Coach.  Yes, Coach is a nut case but physically he is much stronger than Courtney.  So unless next week is a merge or a puzzle immunity challenge then I see Villains going back to Tribal.

American Idol

Another shocking week in reality tv.  None of the singers really grabbed me this week but I was surprised when Mike and Andrew ended up in the bottom two.  Katie has improved but I still don’t see her at the caliber of the others and how Tim is still there is mind boggling.  When it came down to it I thought Andrew was going to go home since he hasn’t really had a great week since he sang Straight Up.  But nope, it was Michael.  No real surprise that the judges used their save to keep Mike in but now I’m wondering if all hell will break loose next week.  If anyone other than Tim and Katie go home next week it will be a shame.

The Biggest Loser

So if you missed last week’s episode two eliminated contestants are now back in the game.  Vicky, from the blue team, was voted back in by the other house guests because she never really had a chance to ever get in the house.  Melissa made it back in after finishing 1000 steps first.  I was so disappointed to see her back.  I hate her attitude.  She is all about game play instead of losing weight.

She just confirmed this in this week’s episode where Allison tells the contestants that at any point during the week they can try to weigh in and if they lost 2% of their body weight they win immunity.  You only get one chance and once someone does it that is it.  Melissa is talking about strategy and complaining how the other contestants aren’t thinking about the game.  If they were then they would have gotten rid of Sam last week.  Grrr, I wish she would just go home again.

In the end Sam won the immunity although with a 10lb weight loss I doubt he really needed it.  In the end Melissa ended up going home again.  Thank goodness!

America’s Next Top Model

I haven’t really gotten into this season and watch it with only half hearted interest which is why I haven’t really blogged about it before.  I had to give it a mention this week though because it was hilarious seeing the girls interact with Nigel.  They had a task where they had to try and break the ice with him playing the shy male model that they would have to shoot a steamy photo shoot with.  It was just so awkward to see all the girls with him.  Plus Nigel is such a hottie!

Reality TV Catch Up

Things have been crazy as we have been renovating our house and trying to get it ready to go on the market.  So I’ve fallen behind on my tv recaps.  So here are some quick thoughts on Survivor, Amazing Race and American Idol.


Ok, the heroes tribe has got to be one of the dumbest tries I’ve seen in a long time.  They were so concerned about their alliance that they eliminated some of their strongest players early on instead of focusing on keeping the strong players so they can win immunity challenges.  First went Stephenie and then Tom.  The worst part about Tom going was James was injured and could barely walk and they still kept him.  What the heck?  The only move I agreed with was when JT switched his vote to get Cirie out.  She is definitely a tricky one down the line and no real physical or mental advantage.

The other sad thing about the heroes tribe is they just can’t win probably due to their dumb evictions and partly due to the fact that they can’t seem to solve puzzles.  Even in tonight’s episode both tribes go to tribal council.  One person from each tribe got individual immunity and then the two winners went head to head to win reward.  Candace won immunity which was surprising but then got her butt whipped by Rob so the heroes lost yet again.  I thought it was funny that the heroes couldn’t even win the rock-papers-scissors challenge to see which tribe would compete first.

Anyway, the heroes finally did a smart move and voted James out.  I’m not sure if it’s too late for them though.

On the villains side not much surprise.  Russell and Rob are head to head and thanks to Tyson Rob’s plan to get rid of Russell fails and to add insult to injury Tyson ends up going home because he didn’t stick to the plan.  I think Tyson is no great loss and the Villains still have the advantage.

Amazing Race

I was so bummed out by the latest episode.  I was rooting for Jeff and Jordan.  Jordan just cracked me up by how blonde she behaved.  One of my favorite parts was when they had to find a statue of Joan of Arc and she said wasn’t that the guy with all the animals?

Sadly once they came in last once I knew it was over unless they flew somewhere and they managed to catch up on a flight.  Unfortunately the past two legs have just been driving and no real tough tasks so they just never had a chance to really make up their 2 hour deficit.  They did manage to catch up with Caite and Brent who were in last place just before the pit stop but Caite and Brent finished first.

The worst part for me is I dislike the cops and I hate that they came in first the past couple legs and are so cocky now.  I am also not a fan of the lesbians.  The brunette (I think it’s Brandy) is such a downer.  She is always whining and complaining.  With Jeff and Jordan out I’m rooting for either Jet and Cord, Steve and Allie or Dan and Jordan.

One of my favorite moments in the last episode was Steve using duct tape to repair their car.  He said his wife tossed the tape into their bags saying duct tape can fix anything.  Boy was she right.  I think they would have been in danger of going home if they needed to get a replacement car.

American Idol

So I haven’t been impressed with this season so far.  I’ve liked Crystal pretty much every week.  I like Lee but he really needs to develop some stage presence.   I like Casey and thought he did extremely well last night.  Siobhan always seems to do pretty well but mainly because she can hit some insane notes.  The ones I don’t understand how they are still there are Tim Urban and Katie Stevens.  They are total karaoke singers.  Paige was also horrible last night.  Anyway, I don’t really feel strongly about who wins this season so far.

Survivor Heroes vs. Villains Premiere

I was hoping this season would live up to my expectations and the premiere was not a disappointment.  In the first challenge we had our first two injuries and the villains proved why they were on the villains tribe.

Reward Challenge

The first reward challenge was a sandbag was buried beneath the sand.  2 heroes and 2 villains race out to dig up the bag and the first back to their mat with the bag win a point.  First to 3 points wins.  In the first face off one of the villains dislocates Stephanie’s shoulder and the villains get a point.   Colby got taken down by Coach and villains had 2 points.  Sandra unclips Sugar’s top during their tussle but even topless Sugar scores a point for the heroes.  I forget who scored the heroes second point but it gets tied up.  James scores the winning point for the heroes but Rupert breaks a toe.

At Camp

On the villains tribe I don’t remember a lot of the women.  Sandra, Danielle and the blondie look familiar but don’t remember them.  Tyson is also familiar but I don’t recall him from his season.  Jeri is making her move on Coach after she expresses her surprise that Coach actually took down Colby during the challenge.  Everyone on the tribe is teasing Jeri about how she might find love with Coach.  Russell is already approaching Parvati and Danielle to go to the final two.

The heroes luck out on their first day and find 3 wild chickens and manage to catch all three.  You gotta wonder if they were planted near their camp because they are the heroes and the producers wanted to make it like they have good karma.  JT and James are talking to each other to look out for each other.  Colby and Candace are talking about who might partner up.  They worry Amanda and Cirie might pair up and Stephanie and Tom might team up.  Amanda is worried that since she, James and Cirie were on the same tribe before they might be a target.  Tom and Stephanie are discussing who to hook up with.  Tom thinks maybe JT because in the final two he wants to go up against someone else who already won a million dollars.  He makes a deal with JT.

Back on the villains tribe Rob is irritated because no one wants to work and build fire to boil water.  Rob is trying but Randy says why even bother trying.  Rob actually manages to come up with an idea and builds fire.  Thank goodness they didn’t listen to Randy.  I’m really impressed by Rob.It’s been 6 years since he played but he hasn’t lost his touch.  Now Coach is idolizing Rob.  This ticks Russell off and he comments that Rob may think he’s in charge but Russell is still the king of the hill.

At the heroes tribe Rupert isn’t having any luck building a fire and gives up.   Colby, JT and Stephanie manage to start it so Rupert starts worrying with his broken toe and not being able to contribute as much may make him a liability.  Colby is getting frustrated with Sugar because they are all trying to sleep and she keeps chasing him and talking loud enough to wake up everyone.

LOL. Rob is hilarious.  He was going to try and scale a palm tree to get some palm fronds.  He decides he is not going to risk falling and hurting himself but he figures he can get Coach to do it because of his ego.   He bets Sandra that Coach will do it but in the end Coach gives up.

Immunity Challenge

Five tribe members have to race to assemble a boat and use 7 planks to hold it together and paddle out to retrieve a torch.  They paddle back and the remaining 4 members have to assemble a 4 layer puzzle then use the planks to build a ladder.  Then all members have to climb up and then they have to start a fire to win.  The heroes get their boat together quickly.  They head out while the villains are still assembling their boat.  Heroes get back first and start on their puzzle.  Cirie, Rupert, Amanda and Sugar are working on it.  They are having a hard time on the puzzle and the villains catch up and they take the lead.  The villains solve the puzzle first and start working on the ladder.  And the villains win first immunity!

The Scrambling

So I think either Sugar or Rupert should go.  I love Rupert but with a broken toe it’s going to be rough.  Sugar really serves no purpose on the tribe.  Colby comes to the same conclusion.  Sugar started crying and he says if she can’t survive the first 3 days without a break down she shouldn’t be out there.

The villains are happy that they won first and debating who the heroes will be voting out.  As Russell puts it the heroes are over there being villains trying to figure out who goes home.  I’m shocked that Cirie says she thinks Amanda should go.  Amanda is one of their strongest women.  Sugar says if Amanda and James are together they need to break that up.  They are thinking way to far ahead.  Right now they need to think of winning challenges.  The others are thinking Sugar but Tom thinks maybe Cirie because she’s the manipulator.  Candace talks to Cirie and Amanda about breaking up Tom and Stephanie.  Cirie wants to keep Sugar because she’s annoying and less strong than Cirie so she wants to keep her around.  I really think it’s stupid to get rid of Stephanie or Amanda.  That’s like shooting themselves in the foot.

Tribal Council

Jeff talks about some of the reasons to vote someone off.  He also brings up on the disaster of the immunity challenge.  I really can’t tell which way people are going to go.  But any move other than Cirie or Sugar seems stupid to me.

The Votes

Sugar, Sugar, Sugar, Sugar, Amanda, Sugar, Sugar.  Sugar is the first person voted out this season.

Survivor Heroes vs. Villains

Leave it to Survivor, when I think ok this show has run its course and lost my interest they come up with a new idea to intrigue me.  Next seasons twist will be Heroes vs. Villains.  This means bringing back tribe members from past seasons.  I really had to go back and think of who I would pick.  It was especially hard to remember the female villains.  The heroes were the hardest.  I guess it’s the villains that really stuck in my head.

Here are some of my choices. Who do you think will be brought back?


Laura from last season’s Survivor Samoa

Russell from last season’s Survivor Samoa

Richard Hatch from Season 1 Borneo

Jerri from Season 2 Australian Outback

Alicia from Season 2 Australian Outback

Rob from Season 4 Marquesas

Johnny Fairplay from Season 7 The Pearl Islands

Ace from season 17 Survivor Gabon

Corrinne from season 17 Gabon


Ethan from Season 3 Africa

Hunter from Season 4 Marquesas

Rupert from Season 7 Pearl Islands

Ian from Season 10 Palau

Tom from Season 10 Palau

Ozzy from Season 13 Cook Islands

Yul from Season 13 Cook Islands

Yau-Man from Survivor Fiji

Survivor Finale

Between me being sick and my daughter being sick I have been slacking on blogging about Survivor so now I’m catching up on DVR.  So a little catch up.  First Dave got voted out-no surprise there.  Then Monica went-again no surprise although she did try hard to stir the pot against Russell.  Finally after Brett won immunity two times in a row they had to vote out Shambo.  She took it well which surprised me.

Finally during the finale Brett wins immunity for the third straight time and Foa Foa finally had to turn on each other.  Russell and Natalie were working together to decide who should go home.  Russell pitted Mick against Jaison and Jaison against Mick.   They decide to get rid of Jaison because they think Mick and Natalie have a better chance to beat Brett in immunity than Jaison does.  Jaison was pretty pissed at Russell for blindsiding him and he says he is rooting for Brett.

It will be curious to see what happens now.  Russell has a final 3 deal with Brett, Mick and Natalie.

Final Immunity Challenge

Each will have to place a wooden statue on top of a pole.  At certain intervals they will attach another length of pole.  If you drop your statue you are out of the game.  They are adding a new section to the pole every 2 minutes.  Mick is the first one out of the challenge.  Then Natalie is out!  I think Brett has a good chance at this challenge.

It starts to get really windy and both guys are wavering but recover.  And another section of pole is adding putting them at 7 feet high.  They have 30 seconds to make the transition.  Both make it but you can see Russell trembling and Brett is wobbling.  Both recover and keep going.  Uh oh! Russell is wobbling big time.    Brett is wobbling too and Brett falls off!

Russell wins immunity!

Russell is pretty cocky now about winning the million dollars.  They vote out Brett which leaves Natalie and Mick with Russell in the final 3.  Russell is actually coaching Natalie and talking to them about what are they going to say when they are asked why they deserve to win the game.  Russell is telling them they need to come up with something better if they want second place.  So he things this is a lock for him.  You know I was leaning towards Russell just because he played an amazing game but he is so cocky about winning he deserves to lose.  He is getting on my nerves.

The Jury

Shambo was pretty bitter.  Brett left me kind of confused.  He asked Mick if they went on a “brogate” what would they do?  He says it was just to see how Mick tried to get to know him.  But he only asked Mick.  Kind of strange.  People hit Natalie pretty hard about riding coattails.  They of course hit Russell about his sneaky game play.

Dave asked each player what they thought their chance of winner was.  Mick said maybe 20%, Natalie went 30% and Russell went with 55%.  I think it’s Eric (the first guy on the jury) totally made a case for Natalie saying just because she rode coattails that isn’t any worse than playing an unethical game or a “sense of entitlement” (he was referring to Mick) doesn’t mean she is any less deserving.  He said she got his vote and he hopes she gets 4 more.

I think Natalie has a good chance of winning.  Russell played a good game but I think his cocky attitude is not winning him any votes.

The Votes

They show Eric voting for Natalie and Shambo voting for Russell.

At the finale show: Ratalie, Russell, Natalie, Russell, Natalie (Russell looks like he’s about to cry), Natalie, Natalie is the winner!  Looks like Mick might not have got any votes.  I’m satisfied with the way it turned out.  I think Russell did most of the scheming and dirty work but he didn’t work on winning people over in the end.

Survivor December 3

Sorry for the slacking on my recaps but I just have not been feeling well so I’ve been sleeping a lot and catching up when I can on my tv shows.  Thank goodness for DVR!

So here’s the short recap.  Laura was voted out last week and now Shambo is gunning for Dave.  She was cooking one of their chickens and he started making comments about how since he won the chicken he should have a say in how it’s cooked.  Shambo said she wasn’t sure if it was PMS but she totally snapped at him.

Reward Challenge

At the reward challenge it was the food auction.  Natalie got a PBJ sandwich, Mick got a huge cheeseburger, fries and beer.  Jaison got an advantage at immunity challenge.  John got a clue to the location of the hidden immunity idol.  Shambo got a gross looking sea slug and something spaghetti.  Natalie also got a shower and Monica got an entire roasted chicken.  The last item was a huge slice of apple pie which John won but he had the option to keep the pie OR split an entire pie among 4 other people.  He choose to keep his pie which Russell said was a dumb move.

Immunity Challenge

At the immunity challenge they had to hold up a log that weighed as much as they did using a rope with knots.  Every 3 minutes they would switch hands so at all times they would only have one hand on the rope.  At intervals they would have to move their hands down one knot so they are holding more weight at a steeper angle.  Jaison’s advantage was at any point he could move up 2 knots.  So at the end where everyone else had to hold on the ropes without any knots to help he still had a knot helping him out.

Shambo was the first one out and surprsingly next was Russell.  Another big surprise was that Natalie was in the final 3 with Dave and Jaison.  She finally drops out.  Both guys were struggling but Jaison finally wins immunity!

 Hidden Immunity Idol

So John got a clue to where the hidden immunity idol was but although he found the spot he couldn’t find the idol.  He assumed Russell already found it.  When the two of them were strategizing over who was to go next John tells Russell he knows he has it and Russell confirms it and manages to weasle out the clue from John.  So now he decides he needs to get rid of John.


Russell tries to convince Mick and Dave to vote out John.  Jaison doesn’t think it’s a good idea because if they go against Shambo then she will flip to the other side.  They leave you hanging on where it all leads to.

Immunity Council

It seems like no one is really clear as to who is going home.  Everyone has assumptions though and John is pretty cocky.

The Votes

Mick, Dave, John, John, John, John, John.  Another blindside.  Bye bye John.  Shambo looks pissed.  Dave of course is happy and John is shocked.  I think it was a smart move.  John is a smart one and a sneaky one.  Shambo is going to be the loose cannon.  She’ll probably swing to whoever makes her feel better and appreciated next week.

Survivor November 19



Back at camp after tribal the mood is pretty somber.  Laura and Monica are pissed.  Laura is going on about how sneaky Russell is and they should have known he had an idol.    Shambo and Russell are having a good laugh about what happened.  Shambo jokes she needs to find the immunity idol and give it to Russell again.


The next morning Russell is up and searching for the idol again.  You gotta wonder if the producers are deliberately putting the immunity idol in obvious places to keep Russell in the game and stirring up trouble.  Shambo approaches John with the idea of breaking from Galu and joining Foa Foa.  He’s not really going for it and on the side says he will do what is best for him.


Reward Challenge


They will divide into 2 teams of 5.  One member will lie face down in a cradle.  The other 4 members will pull on ropes to maneuver that member to pick up flags in a numbered order and put them in holes.  The winning team gets to go away and get a picnic.  They also take a palm pre to take some pictures.  Russell also figures there will be a clue to the location of the immunity idol.  Team Yellow-Shambo, Jaison, John, Mick and Monica.  Team Purple-Natalie, Dave, Brett, Laura and Russell.  Natalie gets the first flag in the hold for purple.  John gets their first flag but the purple team is doing well and seem to have a rhythm going.  Purple is on 7 and Yellow is on 5.  Purple is on 10 and Yellow on 8.  Purple on 14 and Yellow on 9.  Purple wins reward!


At the reward they are chowing down.  At camp Jaison and Mick are trying to sway Monica to Foa Foa’s side.  Monica thinks Galu has 6 to 4 but they are saying no it’s 5 to 5.  Monica figures Shambo is the one who jumped ship.  I honestly don’t think they can trust Monica.  She is Laura’s little minion.


Looking thorugh the pictures on the Palm Pre Russell notices there is a clue on it for the hidden immunity idol.  There is also a video showing that it is under a rock covered in moss.  Now you know there will be a mad dash to find the idol.  They return to camp and Russell tells Mick about the clue.  Foa Foa immediately head out so Galu heads out as well.  It’s a race to see who can find the immunity idol first.  Dave attaches himself to Russell and Laura attaches herself to Jaison.


Russell thinks he knows where it’s at but Dave is flipping over rocks near the spot so he starts playing with Dave by going running but Dave can’t keep up and loses Russell.  Russell goes back to where he thinks the idol is and finds it again!  He even comments this is getting way too easy.  I seriously think the producers are helping out Russell now.  I wonder if it’s ok for someone to steal the idol if someone has found it?


Monica is telling Laura about how she thinks two people on their tribe might have flipped.  Laura knows they will be gunning for her and she needs to win the immunity challenge.


Immunity Challenge


First part. They have 3 tiles of the same color arranged together.  They have to try and break as many tiles as they can with some rocks.  For each tile they break they get a spear in the second part.  They will shoot the spears at a target.  Person closest to the bullseye wins immunity.    Huh, they only get one throw.


Shambo misses, Russell misses, Jaison gets 1, John misses, Monica misses, Dave knocks out Monica’s tile so she gets a spear, Natalie misses, Mick gets 1, Brett breaks two tiles with one toss and Laura is last and misses.  She is out of the immunity challenge.  Shambo laughs out loud and celebrates.  Guess she’s giving up on lying low and hiding her alliance with Foa Foa.


With the spears it comes down to Brett and Mick.  Brett shoots his last arrow and doesn’t beat Mick.  Mick wins immunity! 


Shambo says today is the day for Laura to go home.  Back at camp Shambo tells Brett straight up she is voting Laura out.  Not sure what she was trying to swing.  Laura and Dave go to talk to John and say to vote out Russell and if he plays the idol at least it flushes it out.  John says no, they should vote out Natalie because she is least likely to have the immunity idol.  John in a side interview is saying what idiots Dave and Laura are in their deductive skills.  Monica, Dave and Brett come up with some sort of plan for Monica to say she’s going to vote for John to Foa Foa.  In reality she will vote for Natalie so Natalie goes home.  Monica approaches Russell.  He’s pushing for John and Russell is pushing for Laura but Monica says no.  She also approaches Mick.  Mick doesn’t know if they should trust her or not.


Russell tells Jaison they should go to John and tell him that Monica is going to vote for him and try to pull him over.  Brett tells John the plan and John is a little pissed. Mmmmm, they are eating coconut.  I want some coconut.  John is telling Dave and Brett he’s not risking his place in the game trusting that Shambo will vote Laura and not John.  Russell approaches John and tells him that they are voting for Laura and go for the tie.  Apparently the rule is if there is a tie they vote again, if there is a tie again then they choose rocks to see who goes home.  So then it comes down to luck or to see if someone on Galu will switch.


Tribal Council


Jeff asks Shambo if she feels Galu is still tight.  Shambo says no, not since the day they voted out Eric.  Laura says Galu is tight if you don’t consider Shambo a Galu member.  Jeff asks Dave if he is ok with going to a tie and he says if he had to go to the stones then he would.


The Votes


Jeff asks if anyone wants to play the hidden immunity idol.  No one makes a move.  First vote-Laura, Natalie, Laura, Natalie, Laura, Natalie, Laura, Natalie, Laura and the last vote…Natalie!  I can’t believe they let it go to a tie.  So now Laura and Natalie cannot vote.  Everyone else has to vote again for either Laura or Natalie.  Laura’s not looking so happy now that it’s her who may have to pull rocks. 


The votes again…Laura, Natalie, Laura, Natalie, Laura, Natalie, Laura and the last vote…Laura!  Laura has been voted out.  Galu is looking shocked and Natalie is giddy.  I love the look on Daves face!  He’s stunned and then pissed.  John is sitting there looking all innocent and Monica is totally bummed.  Eric on the jury is totally happy with the outcome.  The other girl on the jury(can’t remember her name) is pissed off too.