My TV Addiction

America’s Next Top Model Cycle 15

I watched the premiere at 3am while feeding my son so forgive me if I get anything wrong.  It looks like there are several changes to this season.  First off the prizes are different.  Instead of a Cover Girl contract the winner will be on the cover of Italian Vogue and they will get a contract with IMG Models.  Tyra also said they are focusing on finding a high fashion model instead of just a pretty girl.

The show opens up with the girls on a bus in assigned seats and when they arrive in Palm Springs Ms. J and Mr. Jay tell them the girl they sat next to is their direct competition.  It turns out they lumped the girls into categories like blondes, brunettes, strong bone structure, awkward girls, etc.

Of course there is always drama.  One girl told her roommate that the girl next to her on the bus said she didn’t really want to be there and her roommate then proceeds to tell all the girls putting her on the spot for gossiping.  Then a girl from West Virginia writes in her diary “Almost got stuck rooming with a black girl, eww.”  Someone read her diary and then went and told one of the black girls who then confronted her about it.  When Miss West Virginia went before Tyra it comes up again and Miss WV claimed she didn’t mean it as racist but there was one girl she didn’t get along with who was black and she didn’t know er name so that is what she wrote in her diary.  First off it is wrong to say something like that but it’s also wrong to go snooping in someones diary.

The girls arrive at a garden party with a lot of industry names and are told only 20 of them are invited and the others are being sent home.  Once they are down to the 20 Jay pairs them up with who he thinks is their direct competition and the pairs do a photo shoot together to see who outshines the other.  After this photo shoot only 14 will continue on in the competition.

I don’t have the names straight yet but there are a few of the quirky looking ones that I actually really liked after their photo shoot.  Some of the notables one that did not make it was Miss West Virginia went home.  The beauty pageant girl who pretty admitted to being a rich-b**ch went home and there was one girl who was against “consumerism”, wouldn’t pay for a hair cut, etc. (what was she doing on ANTM then?) who ended up going home.  We will have to see in coming episodes who stands out.

**One note, where was Nigel?!  I love me some Nigel.