My TV Addiction

Survivor Premiere

In case you missed this season’s twist one tribe is made up of 40+ year olds and the other with 30 and younger folks.  Initially they had everyone divided into two groups walking to Jeff but they weren’t divided into old and young yet.  Everyone assumed the group they walked in with was their tribe.  When they get to Jeff he tells them there is a necklace that will provide a huge advantage in the game to the tribe of the person who finds it.  They all take off running and I believe the girl’s name who finds the necklace is Brenda.  At first one of the older guys who thinks he is on her tribe is stoked until Jeff drops the bomb about the actual tribe makeups.

Then Jeff makes an offer.  Brenda’s tribe (the younguns) can keep the medallion and secret power or give it to the other tribe and instead get fishing gear and fire.  They go with the gear and fire.  At the younguns camp first impression is of Jud the “dumb blond” as he immediately steps on a hook or something, gets pinched by a crab and then looks like he is going to kill himself using the machete.  One of the guys nicknames Jud, Fabio.  Kelly B. tells everyone about her artificial leg and immediately becomes a target because no one wants to go against her in the final two.  She and one other girl get lucky while checking tree mail and get a clue to the location of the hidden immunity idol.  They can’t figure it out so they end up hiding it.

At the other camp Jimmy Johnson is becoming a target since he is a former NFL coach.  Wendy is an oddball and I personally find her voice annoying.

Immunity Challenge

They find out the medallion helps the tribe that holds it in challenges.  So for the immunity challenge the tribes need to form a conduit from the top of a platform to a bucket and one member will pour water down it until it fills up a larger bucket enough to release puzzle pieces.  Then four members need to assemble the puzzle.  If the older tribe uses the medallion they get a free bucket of water.  Jeff says it takes about 4-5 buckets to fill the large bucket so it’s a huge advantage.  But if they use it then they have to give the medallion to the other tribe.  They decide not to use it.

Throughout most of the challenge they are neck and neck but the youngsters manage to assemble their puzzle faster and win immunity.

The Scrambling

One of the guys, I think his name is Marty, wants to vote out Jimmy J. because he sees him as a threat because he’s a natural leader and could win the game.  Jimmy J. claims if he goes to the end no jury would give him the money and he’s here just for the adventure.  He tells one of the girls they need to keep the tribe strong and the two weakest members are himself and Wendy.

Tribal Council

Wendy kind of loses it at tribal council and starts babbling about why they should keep her but instead digs her own grave.  She ends up getting voted out unanimously.

My thoughts

No one initially stands out as the one I want to root for.  I don’t think Jimmy J. is going to last much longer and I feel bad for Kelly B. already having a target on her back.  Fabio looks like he might provide some amusement though.